Monday, December 31, 2007

Hugs Hugs

The other night Coy started this new game
called Hugs Hugs. He stands there and says
hugs hugs after which Hayden hugs him and
Coy pulls him to the ground and they
proceed to wrestle. Eventually they brake away and he does it all over again. They kept this up for a half hour until Travis and I had to settle them down for bed.

They have so much fun together and love each other so much. I was luckily able to get them to pose for one sweet brotherly love shot. After which they went right back to Hugs Hugs. Moments like these we have so much fun watching them and it reminds you how great they are and how much you love them.

On a side not these are the new pajamas Grandma Sue got them for Christmas. Hayden was putting them on for the first time and as he was sliding his foot in he giggled and said "Oooh Fluffy" it was a cute moment I hope I always remember.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas

We had a very Merry Christmas. Coy woke up first of course, he always does, so we woke up Hayden and brought them down stairs to see what Santa brought them in their stockings. They dove right in. The stockings are the one things we just let them go at. Santa brought them the usual toothpaste and toothbrush, candy, and of course some fun toys.
Our tree is all the way down stairs so when they finished their stockings I think they thought that was it. We proceeded down stairs to what turned out to be, to my surprise, a very organized gift unwrapping.
Daddy plays Santa and gives out one gift at a time, while mom juggles the still camera and the video camera. They got lots of fun stuff, what you see here is only the tip of the ice burg. We would like to say thank you to everyone and if you ever get a chance to see the home video you can see the boys saying thank you too.
We are now play dough experts. The boys just started getting into it, so Uncle Eric and Auntie Kristyn go them two big kits. I think we have all the play dough gadgets there are and the boys love it. I love it, it's actually something I enjoy sitting down and playing with them.
Santa brought Coy a little toy cat and Hayden a helicopter. I don't believe Santa should bring so much, the stocking and one or two gifts under the tree is enough. For goodness sakes he is buying for the whole world you know. Travis and I are still trying to find a compromise, because the majority of his gift came from Santa when he was a kid. I just don't want to push the Santa thing too much since it really is not the true meaning of Christmas.
My theory is let them believe, but not so much that it's traumatizing when they realize the truth. Travis says I just want all the glory and I said that's right, I bought them, I wrapped them, I wracked my brain what to get them, why shouldn't I get the hugs and kisses. Of course Travis gets the hugs and kisses too, so for him he gets the prize without the work. Call me selfish, but my mind travels to the future all the time when hugs and kisses won't be so plentiful and it saddens me, I want all I can get now.
I was very impressed with the boys and how well they took turns letting the other open their gifts and opening their combined gifts together without fighting as well. There are moments when they don't fight and I was thankful that Christmas morning was one of them.
For those of you who don't know the story of Hayden's birthday presents, let me just review. Years ago Travis was given a train set he held on to, so for Hayden's birthday we didn't actually buy him much because we were giving him the train set.
Well it was a piece of crap and broke after them using it just twice, so Coy's big Christmas present this year was a train set, that is sturdy, and we got Hayden an extra engine to go on it. I am so happy we got this for them they play with it all the time and love having their own engine. I no longer feel guilty about gypping Hayden on his birthday.
Hayden's big gift this year was a new bike. He was too interested in the train set to care too much on Christmas day but now he is very excited to get it outside and play. If we can get a day when it didn't just snow or the driveway isn't a sheet of ice. Of course Coy needs a turn to sit on it too and I'm sure he will have few turns when I'm just pushing him. This spring should be lots of fun.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ginger Bread Houses

We finally decorated our ginger bread houses, after a week of making dough, rolling, baking, cutting, drying out, assembling houses, and waiting for Daddy's next day off we were ready.
Hayden has seen the whole process and was actually quite patient through the whole thing and extremely excited. He especially wanted to put lolly pops on his house which I did not have and could not find at Wal-Mart.

So the day before we decorated I finally ventured into Hannaford and the only lolly pops I could find were blow pops. Good thing they are for decorating and not eating. Although you couldn't tell Coy that. Coy also did exceptionally well placing his gumdrops and marshmallows. It was a fun start to our new Christmas tradition. I love traditions and love that my kids are getting old enough to enjoy them as well.

We all in all had a great family day, and as if it couldn't get anymore Christmasy for our ginger bread day is was snowing outside. NO surprise to any of you who know how much we have been dumped on this year. We proudly displayed our houses on top of our cabinets and threw on our snow clothes to go play. We tried to slide and had a few successful runs and I pulled the kids in the sled. Between a few snow balls, shoveling, playing, and the ginger bread houses the kids were incredibly cranky by late night and went to bed early. I guess we wiped them out. I guess I was wiped out too and I hit the bed at 9:00 last night and apologized for being such a pooper.

I wish I could tell Travis my pooping out on him early was going to end soon, but I can't since I truly feel it's due to the pregnancy, which is still going well, and after the baby comes it will only get worse for at least another 3 months. Such and understanding Husband and family.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Winter Picnic

For at least a month now Hayden has been bugging me for a picnic. I have told him over and over again that it is too cold outside for a picnic, I even offered an indoor picnic, but that wasn't good enough the pestering continued. Finally the weather said it was suppose to be between 30 and 40 degrees so I decided it was now or never because that is as good as it gets this time of year. So I secretly pulled out our card table and put together a quick simple winter picnic. I knew full well this could go either way, he would be quite excited to finally have his picnic or not impressed at all because it was cold out side. The latter was true, Hayden looked right at me and said, but Mommy I want a warm picnic that doesn't have wind. I had to laugh because if you know Hayden at all it was typical. When he has a vision it has to be just so. We made the best of it and had a good time out anyway. I haven't heard a lot about having a picnic since so I guess it sunk in.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hayden's 4th Birthday!

Hayden's Birthday was a blast. We started with a Blues Clues game that led us to a room full of balloons. He had some friends over Kathryn and Vivian, daughters of our friends Abby and Curtis, and of course Grandma Ree Ree came with Papa. We socialized while the kids played with the balloons and the spaghetti dinner was cooking. Dinner was good as always and so was the cake and ice cream. Is there such a thing as bad cake and ice cream? Then to the presents. Thank you to everyone. Hayden got some clothes, cars, train set, t-ball set, bike helmet, and more. He is very spoiled and we are happy to do it on his birthday. We can't believe he is 4. He is getting so big and we love him more and more all the time.

Twas the Move before Christmas.....

Twas the move before Christmas and all through the house the boxes were piled up and mom felt like a louse.
The kids were screaming and running everywhere, in hopes that Mom's sanity soon would be there.
Our callings keep us running like busy little bees, but we are happy to serve with smiles and glee.
Empty boxes are flattened and piling here and there, off to the dump for there's no garbage pickup here.

Christmas bells are ringing the season's coming quick, and I'm still not ready I wish there really was a St. Nick.
The Christmas tree is up and things are in there place, could it be that I may win this race.

At night my head is resting I'm caught up, ready, and finally all done. November moves are bad thinking unless you want to non stop run.

First Big Snow Storm

We got over foot of snow last week. Thank goodness it was light Utah snow, but unfortunately that meant no snowman. The kids still had fun with their sand bucket and shovels helping me remove the snow from the deck. I wasn't cold out at all for winter time and they still didn't last long. They actually wanted to go inside before me. I had to convince them to stay out longer. If only it was always like that. It was a good day and the fresh snow filled air, felt good in my lungs. One of my favorite smells in the world is the smell of rain and snow. When I was in Utah once in a while that humid smell would fill the air and it always sent me traveling home for a moment. I loved it and still love it.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

3 more months.

6 months a long and 3 more to go. I swear it's a boy if my intuition tells me anything. My sweets craving is back ten fold. Give me lucky charms, ice cream, and Oreo's double stuffed dipped in milk. My mouth is watering just writing it. I feel quite big, but don't feel like I look that big. I'm really feeling the extra weight now during my sleep and especially going up and down stairs. I am definitely in a don't touch me mode. Which is not like me because I am normally very affectionate person. It's not obsessive I still want to hug and comfort my kids, or give Travis a kiss good by, but I that is enough. I have heart burn and am starting to feel my energy drop a little more every week. The count down is on. I'm ready to meet the little guy and not be pregnant anymore.

Helping out at Grandmas.

Fortunately my mom got a new job, unfortunately after her first week there she slipped in their bathroom and broke her wrist. She is having surgery on Monday and will be fine, but the Holidays are probably one of the worse times to lose you dominant hand. No wrapping presents, no putting up lights, and many other delights and responsibilities are missed out on if your not able to use your hand. So me and the boys have pitched in and helped my dad do the things my mom takes care of, like putting up the tree. Once the tree was assembled and the lights were on we let the boys have at it. They had a blast putting all the ornaments on. I can be a bit of a perfectionist, so normally having clumps of ornaments on the tree would bother me, but instead I think "oh there is one of Hayden or Coy's favorite spots." We are looking forward to doing our own tree this weekend.

From There to Here.

From this one bedroom living quarters at Grandma Ree Ree's to our own home watching the first snow from our new front windows. We are so grateful for our space and now that the house is settled in, pictures are being hung and soon our home will radiate with Christmas red and greens. Travis and I slept in the bed with the orange and white blanket, Coy slept on the bed on the floor, and Hayden slept on the other bed. We were grateful to be together for the almost 3 months we were there. It was an experience we will never forget.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moved In.

Well we finally made it into our new house. I was a complete nightmare and we are glad it's over and so happy to be in our own home again. We are still settling in with little organization project, but all the big stuff is in it's place. There are pictures of our new house on an old post called Hopeful New House in the October section. Sorry for the delayed update it took the phone company over a week to set us up with phone and Internet. I sent out an email with all of our contact information, if you didn't get one and would like out contact information please let me know.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Opportunity Knocks

Last Sunday Travis was extended a calling that he accepted and this week was the first week the responsibilities started. We are so excited for this opportunity and feel it will only bring more great blessings into our lives. He was called as the Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency. His blessing was so strong and wonderful. We now know for sure we were led to where we are today and we are on the right track in the Lords plan for us. I am so proud to have a husband like Travis. He continues to light up every room he walks in and continues making people fall in love with him where ever he goes just by being himself. May we all be so fortunate to have someone like Travis in our lives, but I feel especially fortunate to have him as my husband. We love you Travis.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Despite what I told every one we did not close on our house yesterday. We were suppose to be moving today but yesterday about and hour and a half before we were suppose to sign we got a phone call saying it was not going to happen because no one ordered the survey of the land. The communication between our processor and our lawyer is awful to the point that I'm doubtful they'll even make the the new date set, which is the 7th. Everyone cross your fingers because we all really need our space back. Although I am grateful for my parents generosity, we have all had it. So here's to the 7th and finally having our own house again.

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! My little Dalmatian and Dinosaur were so excited to go out. Between the church trunk or treat a couple of days earlier and actual trick or treating they got a slew of candy. We went the old fashioned way. I'm a sucker for tradition I feel it's so important for my kids to experience walking in the dark, seeing all the other kids on the street, and knocking on every door lit. Both of the boys held my hand tightly the whole time and listened very well, so what could have been a nightmare turned out to be a very pleasant night. And on top of it all I don't think I have ever had such a beautiful night to trick or treat in. Hayden actual was starting to sweat by the time we got home. The best part was when Daddy drove by on one of our last houses and hurried home. Next thing we know we see him walking towards us so he could meet us for out last stop. This is the first Halloween Travis was able to see the kids. In the past I have had to stop at his store on some other Halloween party night so he could see the kids in their costumes but this year he got to enjoy seeing the kids actually trick or treating even if it was for only one house. We had a great Halloween and are looking forward to many more great ones like this.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

We decided the kids are old enough now to do some pumpkin carving. Hayden chose the monster and Coy chose the spider. They had fun helping us along the smooth long lines and digging out the guts.
They are so proud of the finished result. It was a fun little activity that I think will become a great Halloween tradition.
Travis makes me laugh all the time but he rarely will do something goofy infront of the camera so I had to share this unique moment.
Coy poked some random holes in the spider while Travis was carving.

They were both intrigued with the whole process. It will be fun to see how much more they are able to actually help next year. When all the kids get older maybe well have a collection of five beautifully carved pumpkins every year, one from each of us.

Krista or Nathan

I know this is a weird post but recently two friends have contacted me through my comments. The only problem is their information does not come up when I click on them. Therefore Krista and Nathan if you get this I would love to see your blog or space. Could you please leave me that information on a comment, if you comfortable with that. I would love to see how you are doing too.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bar Harbor

We went to Bar Harbor for the day on Tuesday. Travis's mom came to town on Sunday so we have been spending time with her. We had a great time visiting and looking at beautiful Bar Harbor. The shops and ice cream were the best. It was a nice relaxing day. Thanks Grandma Sue for coming to see us. We all love you.

Coy's Sleep Test

For the last year we have know that Coy was having a hard time breathing at night, but when we moved into my mom's and were sleeping in the same room we realized just how scary his breathing was. Our thoughts went from we will just wait and ask questions at his next well check to, make an appointment right now and get him in. Our pediatrician didn't see anything but is a believer in a mother's intuition and takes everything I say seriously so he referred me to an ear nose and throat specialist. The next week we traveled over an hour and the specialist said we would need a sleep test. At the time I didn't think anything of it. It's just one night with a few wires, right? Well it was only one night but a few wires is a severe understatement. Monday night we headed to the sleep institute in Maine. The lady their informed me she could hear us all the time and was watching us the whole time too. She also could monitor all of Coy's wires constantly. Nothing like sleeping knowing someone is watching you! Coy did an amazing job getting hooked up which I attribute to the blessing Travis gave him. I honestly didn't think he was my child during the whole hook up process, he just let her measure, poke, prod, and paste everything up with no problem. He had 4 sticky pads on his chin and on under his eye, he had over ten on his head attached with paste and tape and another 4 more on his chest. Two more on his legs and then two straps going around his body. Oh and one of the tip of his finger. After she hooked him up he layed down and went to sleep without any problems. It wasn't until the sleep test lady came in to hook up the nose detector that he woke up and started freaking out. He was in and out the first half of the night until he passed out for the last half. It was an exhausting adventurous night and we are glad it's over. As the sleep institute lady said, "If we never have to do that again it will be too soon."

Still an IT

After much anticipation from me and everyone else we still don't know what the baby is and will most likely now have to wait the old fashioned way. I'm actually quite irritated with this because I'm impatient and if it is a girl, which I don't think it it, I want to indulge in some clothes. I guess this is a test of my patience which I surely need. All in all everything looks good. The doctor said I am measuring perfect so I anticipate the baby a couple of days before February 27th if history repeats its self. We shall see. I am still in second trimester bliss and soaking up every minute the wretched uncomfortable months are right around the corner. Some friends have said they never even had second trimester bliss so I'm thanking my lucky stars for this wonderful time I have in all my pregnancies. It surely makes the whole process easier. I am feeling the baby move now and love knowing it's there and well. We should be closing on our house in two to three weeks. Pray it will only be two weeks for every one is anxious.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hopeful New House!!!

This morning I got a phone call it's official the owner signed the papers and the house is under contract. We got it unless something unexpected happens. Hopefully all will go well and we will be the new proud owners of this beautiful new home. We got the dinning room table in the deal and are working on maybe the couches too. They just fit the house so well. It needs some landscaping but that's to be expected with a new house. The basement in partially finished which is where the extra living room is and there are two big mud rooms. Travis and I are both very excited and anxious, but nothing is done until closing so we are holding our breath for now.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dinosaur Costume

Look at what I did. I can't believe it and am so excited and proud. Thanks to Grandma Sue my kids have been spoiled with nice heavy duty warm home made costumes or an expensive one that was bought at the Disney store. Both absolutely adorable and unbeatable unless you want to spend 30 to 40 dollars which I am not willing to do. So I decided to undertake making one. It was a challenge and there was a lot of stitch ripping but I have to say I am very pleased with myself and Hayden is beside himself with excitement. I still have to put some hook and eyes on it but this will work for Hayden this year and next. Money well spent considering it only cost me about 17 or 18 dollars. This still seemed like a lot to me until I looked at the cheesy store bought costumes for 15 to 20 now I feel it was well worth the time and money. I figure I can get two years for each kid. That's six years use out of one costume. I would say definitely money well spent.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Update

It's official I have a pregnancy belly. The maternity clothes have come out and are still a little big but way more comfortable than my normal clothes. So far everything looks good. We should find out what we are having on the fifteenth, if the baby cooperates. I'm having a pretty easy time of it now. Chocolate is not something I want or taste good to me and I crave little sugar period so, so far this is probably my healthiest pregnancy because with the boys I could make a meal out of Twix's. I can't sleep on my stomach any more, but it's not too uncomfortable yet. I haven't felt the baby yet but am expecting it in a week or two and looking forward to it. We are really excited for this baby, but are taking everything in stride.

Buying or Renting

We have looked at house after house it's exhausting and I'm hating something I used to think was fun. I am also looking at rents. Everyone please pray that one of the two houses we are interested in buying will go through, because the rents are practically uninhabitable. The houses that we are looking at are absolutely gorgeous. I'm trying not to get too excited, they have maple hard wood floors, gorgeous tile, stainless steel appliances, and a great log home siding. We are putting and offer on our favorite tomorrow and trying for that one first. Well it's actually my favorite. Travis likes the other one better but the location and lot of my favorite we both agree is better and that's more important to Travis than the house so I get first dibs. If we can't decide on a price with that one we will try Travis's favorite which I also like just not as much and mine. I'm crossing my fingers, either would be a blessing so I'm hoping and praying.

Chicken Pot Pie

For those of you who know Hayden this is a miracle. HE TRIED SOMETHING NEW!!!! Grandma Ree Ree's chicken pot pie did the trick he tried it and actually liked it because we got him to eat ten bites. Of course with a little motivation, I'm sure the promise of Halloween cookies didn't have anything to do with it. I don't care if I had to bribe him with a whole chocolate cake anything to get that child out of his five rotating foods. He did so well and was so proud of himself he had to call Daddy to make sure he told him before he went to bed. It was a happy day.

Family Gathering

My sister came to visit for the weekend and the whole immediate family got together plus our favorite Aunt and second cousins. We had a good time socializing and catching up and chowing on hot dogs and burgers. Nicole seems to be doing well and brought her boyfriend Lonnie, whom every liked. Jared also brought his girlfriend Barbara, the more the merrier and we just found out Barbara is expecting. We are all so happy for them and excited to have another niece or nephew. Barbara also has another little boy who fits right in with the other kids and we love already. It was a happy time and doesn't happen often so we cherished it greatly.

Moments of Peace

As I grow older and my life become more full with responsibilities and beloved children, moments of peace are more and more appreciated. Never before did I realize how wonderful riding in my car alone without the radio on would be, or showering without being rushed. How about just sitting and relaxing in the morning in silence or with a great article or book. All of these things I took for granted in the past. They are cherished little moments of peace, but above all my most cherished moments of peace are ones like in this picture. My boys comfortable, happy, quiet, not fighting, and there for me to spy on and enjoy the moment, even if it does only last a few seconds.