Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 4 Suzhou Tiger Hill

On our way to Tiger Hill.

Even the entrance was amazing.

More of the entry way.

Tiger Hill was my absolute favorite place in China. The story amazing, the beauty was breath taking.

The leaning pagoda. Travis says we don't have to go to Italy now that we have seen this. It's China's leaning tower of Pisa.

My handsome husband getting his close up from his brother. They joked with each other all vacation.

So the story is a long time ago when the Emperor died his son wanted to make a tomb that the tomb robbers couldn't get at and couldn't even find to try.

He found this piece of land and hired thousands of workers to start building the tomb underground. When the tomb was done he sealed it with granite stone wall and proceeded to build a mote.

When the mote was filled with water not only did it add to the beauty of the area but the water completely covered the entrance to the tomb.

Then to celebrate the completion of his fathers tomb he gathered all the workers on a huge rock flat and made a toast. They all drank and celebrated and slowly started dieing. The emperor's son couldn't risk his secret getting out so he poisoned them all.

The mote.

The other side of the mote.

So years later another Emperor or prominent member of society found this land and thought it beautiful an decided to make it into what we now call Tiger Hill. He unknowingly built the Pagoda right on top of the tomb and that's why it started to lean after a while.

A lot of government business took place here.

This where the poisonous toast happened.This is where the entrance to the tomb is underwater. They discovered it because the natural rock here is magma and others but not granite. It was completely out of place. Unfortunately the tomb has not been entered. They do not want to ruin anything and don't want to make the Pagoda collapse.

These are the type of signs that were around. Atleast this one makes sense, but in most cases the translation was awful. We laughed, for sure there has to be some people in China that can translate proper english. It makes we wonder how correct our Chinese or other language signs are.