Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chucky Cheeses

So for Christmas this year Grandma Sue gave us money specifically to be put aside for fun family things. We agreed upon this deal and are now reaping the benefits.
The boys will never remember what toys they got this year but they will remember fun things like the first time we took them to Chucky Cheeses. It was really quite funny we told them we were going to a restaurant that mommy and daddy were excited about but that had fun things for them too and they had to be on their best behavior.

They agreed and off we went. Then we pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot, to return a red box movie, but told them this was it. The didn't know what to day at first but were not impressed. Until we of course drove across the street to the Chucky Cheeses and their faces lit up.

Grady's favorite was the horse and the other boys liked a little of everything.

Hayden said it was the best pizza ever and for a prize they got some pop rocks.

Just when we were getting ready to leave Chucky came out and we were able to grab a picture. Thanks Grandmas Sue.

Christmas Morning

This was Christmas Eve night. They all got to open their new cozy pajamas and despite that they were clothes they were so soft they were all excited and loved them. Of course it helped that hey were spider man.
Each of the boys got a little Super Hero Squad figurine and loved them. We got Grady one strictly so the boys couldn't take his away or vice versa there would hopefully be no arguments, that one is his.

Hayden is so skinny he is cold a lot so we got him some long jons which he now appreciates but at the time was not impressed.

Santa brought Hayden and Coy big Transformers one of the favorite toys of the morning. Hayden got Optimus Prime and Coy got Devastator.

Mike got the boys a cute movie and Trav some new Utes hats. Can never have enough. Goooo Utes.

Coy's gift from Hayden. Coy got a Hayden a new piggy bank since he broke Hayden's right before the move.

Grady sporting the other Utes hat. Studly!

Grandma Sue got each of the boys Transformers, which they love and Grandpa Steve got them some great church videos. Although I don't have any still pictures of Grandpa Steve's gifts, they loved them, it's all on video.

Coy's Transformer form Grandma Sue.

Santa's gift to Grady was a mini trampoline. Santa must have seen how much he loved it at our friends house. Coy gets a lot of use out of it.
Grady wearing my new mittens, that I love.

Hayden and Coy engrossed in their new Bakugan's. The still love these things and they are great stocking stuffers for Santa. In fact that is who got them for them. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful gifts. I hope you also had a great Christmas.

Santa's Cake

Much to my surprise Hayden and Coy announced Santa did not want our traditional sugar cookies this year, that we have so much fun cutting out, he wanted and entire cake.
Ok, I say, a cake it is and we get started on my famous chocolate cake and make a frosty the snow man.

The first time they have ever frosted a cake and they loved it. This was a bit difficult for me to sit back and wach. My perfectionist side was screaming inside me, but I resisted and only helped when they were having hard time spreading the frosting.
The finish product. I was able to use up all the leftover frosting from birthdays this year and Santa enjoyed a nice big piece of the hat. The boys were so proud and excited, as they should be, wouldn't you want a taste?

Making Ornaments

This year we decided to try to make some of those aromatic ornaments. And had our Neighbor over to do it with us.
About half of them came out really good, but they do smell oh so good and the kids had a blast. I wouldn't be surprised if Coy end up wanting to be a Chef or something having to do with making food, he especially loves to help cook.


Grady giving snuggles to our neighbor girl who comes over to play often.

Gingerbread Houses

Our annual tradition to make gingerbread houses lives on. How could it not the kids love it so much and look forward to it all year.

In fact it's begged for almost as much as Christmas day and why not unlimited candy to much on and decorate with. Heaven in a kids eyes.

Grady of course ate way more that he decorated but he did actually put some candy on the house so his house is I guess half my creation. When the kids get older and we are not so busy helping with theirs then Travis and I will do one too but for now it's more fun for all of us this way.

The finished product, I like to keep them up until Valentines day. They are just fun to look at.

Eating Limes

I tried to catch the face the best I could, but his one still does not do justice. We probably all laughed around the table for fifteen minutes or more watching Grady take more and more bites of lime, make his face, and then ask for more. When he saw the reaction he was getting out of his brothers he just wanted to keep doing it even if it was really sour. Such a Ham.

Skating with Santa

I have always wanted to take the kids skating. I love ice skating I'm actually decent at it which is surprising given my coordination. I remember going out on the lake everyday during school break all by myself and just skating for hours. Oh I love it. So finally the two older boys were old enough that I thought I could try to teach both of them.

Hayden eventually got the hang of it with this little helper and just went around and round. He loved it.

Coy found he did better holding my hand and letting go then holding my hand again and eventually lost the helper. Sometimes I when Coy would need a break he would sit in the penalty box and I would do a quick loop to check up on Hayden. The best part Santa was skating on the ice with them. This will probably go down as one of my most favorite things I have done with the kids. It was so much fun.

Grady's Demolition

At the beginning I was really excited because it was one my favorite treas we did yet, but Grady could not leave the tree alone. Gradually all the ornaments got ripped off and I stopped trying to at least have them spread out on top. I just started putting them the first spot I reached whether there was an ornament there or not. I'm surprised the tree lasted all season.

Gemma's Visit

So my Sister went to Europe for two weeks and we volunteered to watch her dog. I thought it would be fun for the kids, but yet not kill me because it was temporary. Although it was fun to have her I am glad to have my life back to normal, she really took up all my spare time. The kids are still not old enough to really be able to help, plus she was small so I was constantly worried the boys were being too rough with her. I learned that I still am definitely not ready for a dog, I definitely need a hypoallergenic dog, and it has to be a normal size dog.

Gingerbread Cookies

Grandma Sue sent us this great little kit. Easiest ginger bread cookies I have ever made and it doesn't make a ton so the kids were able to roll it out.

Cut and roll again with no problems. They had such a blast, this is usually mommy job and they get to cut out the cookies, but to get to do both is even better.

We baked them off and waited to paint them with the special edible paint the next day when Hayden had his friend coming over.

They all had fun painting their cookies and then devouring them.

One of the beautiful finished products.

Cute Boy

Just love this pictue.

Hayden's 6th Birthday

This year Hayden decided on a Dinosaur party, I was able to find this great cake pan and balloons that have printed dinosaurs on the side of them. He loved the balloons especially.
Then we found this great pinata, which he has begging for for a couple of birthdays now, it's actually suppose to be a dragon but we ripped off the tongue and wah-lah, dinosaur. The kids almost killed each other whacking at this thing. It was a big hit, when is a pinata not.

We had quite a crew show up I think every one came that he invited except two. It was so funny to have all these kids at the house that I hardly knew and that my six year old knew well. They were all good kids.

One of the Dads loved Grady and helped a lot with him, I was grateful and Grady loved him.

Hmmm yummy cake and ice cream. Hayden has to have a cake, but he never eats it.

Hayden got more gift than he knew what to do with, Sea Monkeys (which are still alive), bionicles, wii game (from us), car track, and more. He was so excited.

All his friends couldn't wait for him to open their presents. So cute.

After the party was over and we were waiting for parents they all went down stairs and took turns playing the wii. He had a really good party we did it three weeks early and it worked perfectly because it was just before the Holiday hub bub, we will for sure do this again.