Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our New House

So I just found out that technically our house is a garrison, not a colonial, because of the little over flap in the front and back on the second floor. We should be able to move in between the end of August to the middle of September. We are crossing our fingers for the end of August. The sooner the better. We chose a brown siding with grey blue shutters and white trim. We are going with brushed nickel through out. I wanted the darker brushed bronze/black look, but the hardware on the cabinets only comes in brushed nickel and Travis really really wanted hardware, sigh, therefore the entire house changes the brushed nickel because the whole house HAS TO MATCH! Call me anal I don't care it is what it is. We had a medium colored square cut cabinet picked out until we went to a house next door and found and even better one that I don't know how to describe except for of course they were beautiful and more expensive. So right now we are waiting on a quote for how much the cabinets we love will be. If they are too much it will have to be the cabinets we like. I can't wait, it will be so nice to be in a house where everything was hand picked by me.

Aunt Alice & Ashley Come Visiting

Ashley and my Aunt Alice came for a visit and Ashley always takes a ton of pictures of the kids. They love it when she comes she is great play mate for them.

This time they stayed two nights. We made brownies, which is a funny joke every time they come becasue I over cooked them one time and never heard the end of it. We also went to the boys t-ball game and relaxed.
It's always nice to have my aunt around because she always helps with clean up and lunch.

Here is Ashley with Grady, she would take all three of my boys home if her parents would let her. It was so nice to see them again.

Moments Like This

We went to the library, which I try to do frequently it makes story time so much better to not have to read the same old books. The kids usually want me to read to them right when we get home but his time they spent almost an hour just looking at there books. If only all moment could be like this. Ahhhhh, quiet!