Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Windsor Fair

Yesterday we went to the Windsor Fair and it was the perfect day. Coy had to have a harness on because he kept running away, but once he figured out that wasn't going to happen anymore he behaved very well. We went with my parents and my niece Majera. When we first got there Coy snuck through the fence before we payed and took of running. Thank goodness I'm not big yet and was able to get through the fence too and retrieve him, we gave him a few more chances then out came the harness. First we looked at the animals, some more interesting then others. Neither of the boys cared for the poultry, but the sheep and goat were fun. The pony was by far the favorite of the animals. Hayden actually did pet a goat for a second but that was enough, Coy pet everything that would let him. After lunch we went for the rides which was the kids favorite part by far. I have to say the people running the rides were awesome, they let Coy sneak in on the ones he wasn't big enough for. Of course who could resist his hysterical crying when Hayden and Majera got to go on the ride and he didn't. One guy wasn't going to let him go, but when he saw him crying he couldn't help it and let him on. We thanked him because Coy certainly had a good time. Hayden loved the bee's there was a lever that you moved back and forth that would make the bees go up and down, but by far the slide was every bodies favorite. The men who ran the the slide let us go for free with no tickets, because Travis spoke Spanish and they loved him. They told us to come back any time during the day, and then asked if we would be back next year. What nice people the fair had this year on the rides. After the rides Travis and Hayden went to the horse races and Mom, Coy, and I went to the Black Smith shed where I had them make me some Christmas stocking holders. They are beautiful and unique. By this time it was getting to the end of the day so we headed home from a really fun perfect day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coy's Birthday

We celebrated Coy's Birthday on Monday and it went really well. We were going to celebrate it with Papa (Grandpa Eastman), but decided against it and boy are we glad we did. It was nice and calm and just us, my parents, and my nephew who was up visiting for a couple of days. We would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts. Coy has played with them all and so has Hayden they are actually sharing everything nicely, which pleases me and Travis. He dug right into his presents like a pro tearing and getting into the boxes before the paper was even off. I was actually quite impressed with how well he did for his age, but shouldn't have been given his aggressive nature. He is always bringing out the dare devil in Hayden.

He got lots of fun things, namely a police car, Mickey Mouse, a learning scooter, a vacuum, and lots more. He is spoiled, but we love him and can't believe he is already two.

Coy loved his Mickey Mouse cake. The whole time we were getting it ready with the candles and lighting them he was saying "Happy Birthday?" as if he wasn't sure it was really his birthday and Hayden hasn't stop talking about Coy's birthday coming up for more than two weeks. His whole face was lit with more excitement than Coy's during the birthday song. He is such a good big brother. We had a good time playing with all the toys and stuffing ourselves with cake and ice cream. Happy second Birthday Coy we all sure love you bunches.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baby's First Picture

We had our ultrasound on Tuesday and every looks good. The baby was either sleeping or very mellow because he did a couple of stretches as if we were disturbing it and nothing more. Very unlike Coy's ultrasound at this age who was doing gymnastics inside me. Should I be surprised? Coy still tries to do gymnastics and is constantly hurting himself. I'm hoping the baby is mellow and am very relieved that every is OK. We are so very excited for our new addition.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Buzzed Again

One last buzz before the cold sets in. I was so proud they both sat by themselves in fact Coy was excited an volunteered to go first. The were still didn't scrunch their shoulders because it tickled and no crying at all. They are getting so big. I do love their hair like this, but have to admit I chuckle inside every time I do it because I know how much Grandma Ree Ree and Grandpa Steve hate it. It's all in fun, we miss you all in Utah.

House Shopping

House shopping is not the same out here as it was in Utah. I have a new found respect for the cookie cutter houses out there. They may all look the same but at least they are nice, clean, and the floor plans make sense. OH BOY! If you could see what we are seeing out here. The tricky Realtors fool you with the pictures showing only the side of the house that doesn't show the barn falling apart behind it, or the fact that it has no yard but junk, dirt and a chicken wire fence to keep their dogs in. They have floral upon floral wall paper or that old seventies orange shag rug in bright blue. I was excited to see that! Or how about plastic accordion sliding doors on the closets in the bedrooms the size of my coat closet in Utah. I'm dying, the move is killing me and we are getting to a point where we are thinking of renting, pulling out only what we absolutely need to live and building or hoping something new shows up on the listings. The move so far is going smoothly we have a lot already stashed in my parents garage so actual moving day will be quick and easy. We are staying with my parents for a few weeks until we decide on what house or rent we want. Hopefully we will have a rent or have picked a house and made an offer by the end of the month. Keep my in your prayers because with this baby sucking all the energy out of me I feel like a zombie all the time. On the up side the nausea is slowly going away getting better everyday so things are looking up with the baby. I should be approx. 11 weeks and have an ultra sound appointment on Tuesday and we will know for sure. We are hanging in there and chugging along can't wait for this whole move to be over.