Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 4 Suzhou Boat Ride and Market

After lunch we went on this great boat ride down a canal.

It was so cool to see some more of real China. With people living their everyday lives.

This is what the boat looked like that we were riding.

We took a picture of this because we saw these solar water heating systems on The Amazing Race. They were all over the place in China.

So it was a round trip boat ride and at the end of the first direction we had an hour of free time to explore the market that people shop in every day. This was crazy.

Fish and turtles.



You can choose your duck and they will slaughter and prepare it for you one the spot. Now that's fresh and enough to make a sensitive person a vegetarian.

Meat out in the open. No refrigeration.



Who the heck knows. I'm sure they do.

This was crazy to see the inside on someones house so nice and it looked just as run down on the outside as all the others. I made me wonder how many were actually nice inside.

So generally Chinese are not a hairy people, unlike my handsome husband who was wearing shorts this day. We were walking around and all the sudden he felt a tug on his leg hair spun around and found two little boys pointing at his legs in amazement and laughter. We can only guess that one boy dared the other boy to touch the hairy Americans legs, but we'll never know for sure. The only things we do know is that we shared a funny moment laughing together with some cute little Chinese boys.

The boat ride back.