Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney World Day 6

On Day 6 we didn't get any pictures because we went to Typhoon Lagoon, which is a water park so the camera stayed packed away. The tide pool was so cool. I have never seen one before. I felt like a safe way to really jump huge waves. Travis and I went out there pretty far with the two older boy and jumped with two waves. It was so crazy how it moved and pulled just like the real ocean.

Next we hit all the water slides, then we swam with the sharks. Yes we snorkeled in this little man made salt water pond with sting ray, fish and sharks. It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done. Now I want to go the Carribean and go real snorkeling  This vacation was truly fun and amazing. We are so blessed to have been able to go.

Disney World Day 5

 Day 5 we went to Animal Kingdom, one of our favorite Disney parks. First thing we did was go to Kali Rapids so Grady could go on a ride since he didn't get to go on many the day before.
 These monkeys are outside playing all the time while in line for Kali Rapids. It wasn't very hot this day so we got to ride it 3 times in a row without getting off and could have gone more but Grady and another little girl on the ride were done. It was so much fun we were drenched and since the sun wasn't out it took us all day to dry out, then it rained. Huhu.

 This is Dinosaur Land. Grady and Harper really liked this ride. Just the traditional up and down and around ride.
 So I can't remember the name of this ride except Travis and I just missed it last time and were totally bummed. So I was really excited and determined to go on it this time. Well it blew, I said to Travis we didn't miss much did we? He agreed, oh well the kids like it, it was kinda like a crazy mouse ride.

 We had reservations for the Tusker House for lunch. I was mighty tasty and we were able to meet a bunch of Characters.

 Daisy and Coy. Daisy kissed Coy, which he is embarrassed about.

 Daisy freaked Harper out.

 Goofy with the boys.
 Mickey with the boys.

 The Safari is one of the best rides at Animal Kingdom. I feels like you are really on an African Safari for 30 minutes. It's amazing to see the animals just roaming free. Well of course they are not really free but you can't see the fences and they have so much space that it feels like it.

 This tree is so cool, it looks like it's upside down with the roots coming out the top. I guess it only has leaves 3 months out of the year to conserve energy.

 The Giraffes were so beautiful. One was so close to our truck you could almost reach out and touch him.

 This rhino was actually in the road a few trips before us but had moved by the time our trip came along. He was so close.
 We actually got to see 4 lions. This is the only one we got a good picture of. The ride is so bumpy most came out really fuzzy. The lioness was ticked twitching her tail just like a domestic cat would as a warning to keep your distance. Although she had absolutely nothing to worry about as absolutely no one in our crew was going anywhere near these cats.

 So we have been told the Lion King show is the best show at Disney by more than one person so we made sure we got to see it this time. It did not disappointing. Really really whimsical, creative, and entertaining.

 The yeti at Mount Everest, one of the kids favorite roller coasters at Disney. My mother and I laughed as last time this was such a great coaster and we went on it so many times. This time we felt like it was just ok because we just got off the two huge Sea World Roller coasters the day before.

 Kali Rapids. No one wanted to go on this again for the rest of the day, but since we ended up getting drenched again in the rain we decided it didn't matter much and went 2 more times. Such a great ending to a great day.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sea World Day 4

 Sea World was so cool. All the adults got to ride the Manta, rated top 5 in the nation for roller coasters, and the Craken which was also awsome. Both roller coasters were intense and the best I have ever been on.

 The Flamingos were beautiful.

 The kids favorite were petting the sting ray, which feel really cool, feeding the dolphins, and the Atlantis ride.

 It was so cool beeing so close to dolphins and petting them and feeding them. Then when we were done they put on a little show for us doing jumps and coming up really close. Such beautiful creatures.
 Also the Killer Whale show was amazing. They too are beautiful. Sea world I have to say for me was one of my favorite days. We say a Walrus, Polar Bear, Beluga Whales and more. It was just fascinating.

 This is the Atlantis ride. Both Hayden and Coy got huge stuffed Dolphins with their Disney Dollars, Hayden also got a smaller Killer Whale and Grady got a little Mantis. And that was the end of their spending money.

Disney World Day 3

 Magic Kingdom we hit all the major rides and lots of the kiddie rides for Harper and Grady.
 Harper really like this Jungle Cruise although we got stuck for 10 minutes because the boat infront of us couldn't make a turn. It was beautiful scenery and our guide was trying her best with all the cheesy jokes she could come up with.

 The waterfalls were beautiful.

 One of my favorite things in Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain and Coy got to go on it this year. He absolutely loved it of course. And Grady got to ride Splash Mountain which of course is so cute and fun.

 Another of the kids favorites is Big Thunder Mountain. I have to admit is a really fun roller coaster. This park was a great one for Grady as there wasn't a lot that he couldn't ride.

 Classic Disney

 This Pooh ride is so magical. Harper was fascinated with all the bright colors. It was so fun to watch her eyes and see her mind turn with all the stimulation.

 Beauty and The Beasts Castle from afar we couldn't go near it yet.

 Cinderellas Castle

 Magic Kingdom has the best soft serf pineapple ice cream ever. We all got to enjoy one of those and I forgot to mention the huge turkey leg we had at Hollywood studios. Another Disney Fave. Yummmmy.

 The Parade going on as we were on our way out.