Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So Travis came home with set of Transformers for $8.00 the other day which is a great deal and they were two that the boys didn't have. It's not that they don't have plenty of toys but once in a while you just can't resist. Such was this time, however we did make them work for it. They had to be extra good all through church and correlation, a meeting once a month that both Travis and I have to attend. They were so good, and were so excited to get Powl and Megatron. The only problem is now that I know they can be that good I have higher expectation for them. I do have to admit my kids to really good in church already, but there is always room for improvement. They were almost angelic this Sunday. Thanks boys, I hope you enjoy you new toys. We love you.
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11 Months Old

My sweet little baby is only 1 month away from his first birthday as of Sunday. He is so much fun now, standing on his own for a few seconds at a time, professional stair climber and descender. He loves to walk along the furniture and we have introduced the sippy cup to him which he has also mastered. He can drink out of a straw has cut his seventh tooth and gives me some random full nights rests. My milk supply is basically gone and he would not touch formula so since it's only a month away he is drinking milk during the day and still nurses at night. He can say his, mas, das, and pas. He also like to literally scream at you when you don't feed him fast enough. He loves to play with his brothers and gets very excited when Daddy comes home. He's such a joy to our lives. I'm so excited for him to be learning all these new things because you can see the pride in his eyes when he accomplishes something, but at the same time as said before it saddens me how fast he is growing. He eats like a pig, with his bottomless stomach, but when he is done instead of refusing the bite he takes it then spits it out. We are working on that one. We love you Grady Baby.Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 23, 2009

Grady's Lunch

This is what a bowl of spagetti, peas and carrots, and of course a couple oreo cookies lookes like. Hmmm... I'm not sure if he enjoyed it.
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New Curtains

A few months ago my sister sent me yet another box of great stuff. In it were these curtains except they were ceiling to floor curtains, which just does not go with our home decor. So I cut them off and hemmed them.
Then I made a valance for our kitchen window. We have been here a year and finally we have some type of window treatment on every window. I even have extra fabric to make draft blockers for the bottom of our door so match.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Magic in the Middle Cookies

I saw this recipe on one of my friends blog and had to share because they we so amazing. Of course how could you go wrong with peanut butter stuffed chocolate cookies. Click for the recipe if interested.
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This is how we go down the stairs.

I have to say I'm impressed that my 10 month old baby has mastered the stairs up and down. I guess maybe not mastered because I still insist on standing behind him when he is going down just in case, but he is really good at it. We have two flights of stairs in our house both of which we use consistently throughout the day. As soon as he learned how to crawl up stairs I decided to start teaching him how to go down, in hopes that he would learn faster than my other two. Well he far surpassed my expectations, smart little bug.
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