Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Training Wheels

I talked to Hayden this year about taking his training wheels off. He agreed and we tried but he got frustrated after a while and didn't want to do it anymore. Refusing to put his training wheels back on, we had a bike ready for learning and Coy was willing. I helped a little thinking he is way to young he will never get this. Our neighbor girl worked with him a lot, I still thought it was not going to happen and sure enough he got it. Our neighbor taught Coy how to ride his bike and he is so good at it. I was so surprised and thrilled and excited for him. Just goes to show we underestimate how much kids really are capable of. 4 years old and riding like a pro. Good job Coy.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
We had such a good time with our Easter egg hunt. We asked the boys if they wanted it inside or out and to our surprise it was in.

I was grateful because that meant they could be hidden the night before and not early in the morning.

And there are a lot
more creative places to hide inside.

We had to remind the boys to leave the easy eggs for Grady and the older boys found the hard places.

They had so much fun. We told them they couldn't go down without us so they were trying their best to see them from the top of the stairs.

They got some cute stuff little bunny toss thing with velcro pads to catch them, some dino bouncy balls, shades, and of course a yummy chocolate bunny.

There were a lot of eggs and so a lot of candy.

Not that anyone was complaining.

We finished the night of with a yummy ham and scalloped potato dinner. We love Easter and try to infuse the resurrection of Christ into the whole bunny fest. I think they are starting to get it, but it sure is hard to focus when the promise of bright eggs and sugar is at your finger tips.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Annually we decorate eggs. The kids love it and lets face it so do I.
Things like this are getting more and more fun as the kids get older.

They now have more of their own ideas what they want the eggs to look like.
We don't have as huge of a mess as we used to.
I might be crazy thinking this but this is something I hope we can keep a tradition forever.

Even when they are cranky teenagers.

Happy Easter.

Student of the Month

Back at the end of January Hayden was upset he once again did not get student of the week and that some kids had gotten it multiple times. I am not the kind of mother who will put up a fit because my child didn't get awarded something I or he thinks he deserves. I'm realistic enough to realize I'm partial and am not at school so don't see the whole picture, but when they are kindergartners and children start getting an award multiple times while others have received nothing at all I start to wonder. We are dealing with 5 and 6 year olds here, little guys that don't quite understand the dynamics with this type of thing.

So Travis and I made a deal with Hayden to try extra hard to be helpful, attentive, nice and so forth and that if he tried really hard he surely would get it, and that when he did we would take him and his brothers to Chucky Cheeses again. So February comes and goes. Each week goes by and we ask at the end of every week who got student of the week, to which Hayden said "no one". To our confusion we thought maybe they don't award it every week.

The last day of February I pick Hayden up from school and go straight to my mom's for a few days and to my girlfriends from there and completely forgot to ask about student of the week with all the hub bub of our little get away. I also figured he would tell me out of his excitement if he received it anyway.

We got home from our vacation and Hayden said, "oh yeah Mom I got student of the Month". I said, "what"? He responds, "I got student of the month I got a certificate and everything." Lo and behold I look in his folder, that I had forgotten about all week and he had a certificate. I was so excited for him, but he wasn't. He thought because the deal was Chucky Cheeses for student of the week and he got student of the months that he wouldn't get to go.

We explained that student of the month was even better. We laughed about this for a while and had a great time at Chucky Cheeses. Then he got student of the month again the next month. I asked the teacher what was going on to which she explained they changed things and now they give student of the month to every child that full fills the requirements for it. Much better for a group of 5 and 6 year olds.

Cute Grady Moments

Just thought this was a cute one.
He fell asleep on the floor for my aunt and cousin. The didn't want to disturb him too much so they made this make shift bed on the floor and shifted him slightly over. He just looks so cute.


Bi-annually Travis has to go away for a couple of nights and always gets to see famous people. This year he saw Dierks Bently and Kris Allen to name a few. Wal-Mart really tries to make the massive training sessions fun for the employees. The kids got quite a kick out of this picture. As you know now that they have seen a real picture of the Scooby-Doo squad they are for sure real!