Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grady's 2nd Birthday

Grady and the boys helped a little with the Birthday cake this year. The deal was you help with making the cake and frosting. I decorate, because I'm to much of a perfectionist.
Grady loves Mickey Mouse right now, he recognizes him at first glance and says his name so cute. We got him a cute stack able mickey toy that he loves.

We just had a simple get together with just one family that has 3 little girls about the same ages as our boys. They love to play together and we just wanted something small since he is just two.
Demolishing his Mickey Mouse cake with no problem at all.
For that matter everyone ate up. Who doesn't like chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, and this year I did the ears brown so those who wanted triple chocolate (like me) were able to do so.
Gray has been coveting our pillows and being two years old now we thought it more than safe. He loves is and sleeps comfortably every night.
Clifford and book from Grandmas Sue, which he loves. Thanks Grandma.
The little Mickey and Friends stack able thing from Mom and Dad.
Hmmmm... more presents! He definitely got the drill this year.

Thanks Grandpa Steve for my new book and shirt. I think we are going to take his 2 year pictures in this shirt.
All in all it was a fun low key birthday. Just enough for our two year old. We got him a Zhu-Zhu pet and Grandma Ree and Papa got him a house for his pet. Our friends got him bath toy submarine. He loves and plays with everything. We sure love you Grady boo and are so happy you are in our lives. Happy 2nd Birthday! I can't believe how big you are and fast this day has come.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter Break Visitors

During winter break my girlfriend Megan came to visit. We thought it would be fun to put the babies in the tub together so they could play. It took them 5 minutes to start fighting and for me and Megan to decide this was a bad idea and to wash them and get them out. The love each other but fight with each other. It was actually really funny but we couldn't show that to them.
While Megan was here with her 4 kids my Aunt came with her friend and Ashley. We all had a good time and Embree absolutely loved my Aunts friend. It was a fun time.

Handsom Boys

Valentines Day we just keep it simple. A little treat and a little craft thing, but Grady got a little stuffed puppy and Hayden decided to come over and give Grady and Gemma, the stuffed dog, a hug. To bad Coy wasn't there to be in the picture, cute none the less.

My Little Chef

Coy loves to cook. It doesn't matter what it is he wants to help. Hayden like to help sometimes too, but not like Coy. Coy wants to do every thing and gets really sad when I just have to do something fast, therefore he can't help. Here he is helping with lasagna. I can see it now, Smith's Eatery! He's certainly risky and gutsy enough to do something like open up his own restaurant.

New Valances

My girlfriend came over and showed me how to make these after I commented on them at here house.

They are so easy just styrofoam hot glue gun, batting and the desired fabric you want. I used actual curtain panels so it will match the curtains perfectly when I get them up. The best part is all you do is put a few nail in the wall about the frame and it just sits on them because it's so light.

New Stroller

So money is tight with two mortgages but sometimes there are opportunities you just can't pass up. Our only strollers are a single runner with broken front wheel, a 6 year old umbrella stroller whose wheels get stuck all the time, you know the cheap $10 one, and a double stroller that was approximately 7 years old when it was handed down to me almost 5 years ago now. I get nervous every time I use it that the wheels are literally going to snap off. So when my girlfriend called, (who is moving to Russia), and told me she had a two year old stroller she was selling on Craig's list for $100.00 but would give it to me for $75 I snatched it up. It's in great condition and drives like a dream. Maybe I can get more running in now that it will be a little more enjoyable. I'm so excited for our walks this summer.

Piggy Back

Coy is such a good big brother to Grady. He sticks up for him when I discipline, tries to make sure he gets what he wants (unless it's what he wants), and gives him piggy back rides, (as Grady call it) whenever he wants.

The Princess and Princes of Play-Doh

Our neighbor Linsay came over to play with the boys. I wanted to get a picture of them all together with their crowns but we ran out of play-doh. It took a lot because it had to be thick to stand up properly and half our play-doh was still in Maine.
It all started just for fun when I made one for Grady and then every one wanted to one. I was happy to oblige because I love play-doh.

I tried to make them all a little different and they all seemed happy with my creations. I didn't think to pull out the camera before this or we would have had pictures of their beautiful creations, cookies, cakes, and sprinkles galore.
We had a great time. I think we forgot how much we loved it because this was the first time we pulled it out since the move, but certainly not the last.

Bed Sharing

For some reason Grady climbed in bed with Hayden, then Coy needed to join. They actually wanted to sleep this way, but of course that was a no if we ever wanted a good nights sleep. Which I do, every night. Grady is ready for a big boy bed, but I'm not in a rush. We'll see. They love each other so much.

Coy and Grady Zoning Out

It was really quiet down stairs so I snuck down to take a peek and this is what I found. I snuck back up grabbed the camera and was actually able to capture the moment. Such cuties.