Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Angel

Waiting for the boys to finish gymnastics Harper looked like an angel.

Harper's First Swing

 Not the reaction I was hoping for. She kinda didn't care, but cute none the less.

 The boys got in there and wanted to be part of it. They are so good to her.

Art Show

 I love the art show the school puts on every year. I do get the to see all the art at the end of year, but they are so proud to show it off hanging on the school walls.

 This is Hayden's mobile he made for his Space Needle project. We worked on it together and he was so proud. He got an A on his first real project. He had to write it out on the computer with references, give an oral report and have a visual, which was his mobile. They are getting so big.

5 Month Old Harper

 April 9th Harper turned 5 Months old. She is so big and starting to noticing food. Not much has changed. She still squeeles really loud and still only rolls onto her sides. She hates being on her stomach so why would she have the desire to put herself there.
 She is still just as happy as can be and still wakes up twice a night but sleeps in in the morning. No teeth yet which is late for my kids but since I'm nursing I'm happy.
 The boys are starting to enjoy her more now. Really playing with her instead of just loving her for a couple of seconds and then getting bored. She will actually play with toys a little and they think that's fun. She lights up the whole house we are so luck and blessed to have her.

Eater Egg Hunt

 We have so much fun with our Easter Egg Hunt. There are just so many great places to hide.
 They each have 12 eggs with their initials on them so the Easter Bunny can hide them appropriate for age.
 Maybe a little too appropriate because we are still missing a Hayden egg. He actually got a little frustrated because his were so hard.

 They had so much fun and the Easter Bunny cut down on the amount of candy this year so Mom and Dad were happier too.

 It was so cold we had Harper out there as long as we could but eventually I took her in and Daddy finished the hunt.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

 My little princess. She steels my heart everyday.
 Her brothers love her so much. They all look so handsome in their spring colors. This Easter was so nice. Between church, our Easter egg hunt, and our Family Home Evening on Christ's Resurection we had just enough church and fantasy to make one happy day.

Easter Egg Decorating

 The tradition continues.
 It's just so much fun why would we stop. The kids love this and I have to thank Grandmas Sue for getting this tradition started when we lived in Utah.

 I try to get a different kit than we have ever had before. So far I have been able to do that because they come out with something new every year.

 So I know there are a lot of pictures but I like them all. So I figured it's my blog I can put as many pictures of I want. Besides there really is not to many ways to see these handsome faces.

 My three little men. I love them so much.

Coy and Chase

Words can not describe how much this boy loves this dog.

Father Daughter Love

 Daddy sure loves his little girl and she him. He is so sweet with her.
 The other day I had her on the couch and Travis came through the door, home from work. She couldn't see him but he could her. He said, "Hey sweetie girl." She smiled instantly just from the sound of his voice. We are so lucky.

Visiting Megan

 Usually Megan and I only get to visit once during the school year but my kids had a four day weekend from Teacher Workshops. So Thursday morning of we went.
The wheather was insanely nice for the end of March, record breaking even, which was nice because the kids got to play outside a lot. I know it's a miracle but we actually got a good picture of all eight of our kids together. They did so good, even another mother said, "Do you know how much of a miracle that is?' To which Megan and I both responded, "I know, I can't believe it." Can't wait for the summer so we can visit again.