Monday, August 26, 2013

While We Were Gone

 While we were gone my Aunt Alice and Cousin Ashley watched the kids for the week. They almost killed my Aunt with their craziness and they got some great pictures to prove it.
We came home to this beautiful sign made my the kids. I loved it and left it up for a week.
 I bought a tie dye kit a few months ago and saved it for when we were gone so the kids would have a special thing to look forward to with Nana, what they call my Aunt.
 They went to the park and on the walking trail at the park.
 Ashley and Coy.

 Ashley and Harper. Ashley loved the kids when they are smaller so there are lots of Harper pictures.

 Nana taking a much needed nap, comforting Harper who got sick while I was gone, she cut three teeth while we were vacationing.

 They taught her thumbs up.

 Coy and Harper, two peas in a pod. Harper adores him and Coy loves to play with her, he loves her so much.
 I love the excitement in this picture.

 At the dock pond, one of our favorite summer spots.

 Seriously look at this crew. I am the luckiest woman alive.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hamilton, Bermuda

 We took a quick ferry over the the Capital of Bermuda on Tuesday, the last day we had to spend here, just to see it and look at the shops. It really just looked like a small city except the beautiful ocean was in view at all times. I took the picture above and below to show the style a lot of men wear. Shorts with dress shoes and socks puller up to their knees.
 Travis and I ate lunch and a place called Hog Penny, the inspiration for Cheers, and their were three men in there with button down shirts with ties wearing the shorts and socks. It looked so funny. The other thing we noticed is that Bermudians dress nice, take better care of themselves. Everyone was in pretty good shape, also genetically blessed as there were 7 men total eating in the restaurant with us and each of them descent looking.
 We had a turtle visit our room that night.
Wednesday night was the last night we had and extra guest waiting for us and it was a monkey. How fitting as by that time Travis and I both were ready to go home and love each of our little crazy monkeys. Bermuda was as I tell everyone a little bit of fun and a lot of awesome. I would love to go again the take the kids to see it.

Bermuda Night Fishing

 After our segway tour we went back on the ship grabbed some dinner and headed back out to go night fishing. I wish there weren't any clouds so the sunset would have been better but it was still pretty.
 I love this picture of Travis. I took like 6 of him trying to get the rite setting for the lighting and got these two that actually came out really nice.
 We sailed out for about 40 minutes and then dropped the anchor. We used little squid for bate. I thought it was going to be really slimy but it was just we and rubbery.

 Unfortunately the fish were not biting even though they bate these spots, but at least Travis and I both caught one.
 They said they usually see a lot more action but it was still fun. We each caught a Silver Snapper. And we saw flying fish which were really cool and two jelly fish. Even though there were cloud in the distance the sky directly above us was crystal clear. We were rite under the big and small dipper and the most beautiful milky way I have ever seen.
 We had a froggy pet waiting for us this night.

Segway Tour

 We got to ride Segways and it was super easy and fun. The tour guide took us all around King's Warf, showed us some old factories, some shops, and told us the reason the clock on Clock Tower Mall doesn't work anymore is because of a big hurricane that hit a couple of years ago.
 These are the crests that ships paint when they port here. They date back all the way to the late 1800's. The most recent crest is the one in the middle in the picture above with the diamond shape around the lighthouse.

 Travy on his segway.
 She explained to us that by law you are only allow to camp one week out of the whole year in Bermuda and this is one of the camp sights.

 Hmmmm. I think I could stand camping here.
 Once we got used to riding the Segway she let us go really fast and play a little. I want one, too bad they wouldn't really be practical in Maine.
 We stopped at a tiny beach for 15 minutes and got some beautiful shots of the ocean and rocks.