Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Segway Tour

 We got to ride Segways and it was super easy and fun. The tour guide took us all around King's Warf, showed us some old factories, some shops, and told us the reason the clock on Clock Tower Mall doesn't work anymore is because of a big hurricane that hit a couple of years ago.
 These are the crests that ships paint when they port here. They date back all the way to the late 1800's. The most recent crest is the one in the middle in the picture above with the diamond shape around the lighthouse.

 Travy on his segway.
 She explained to us that by law you are only allow to camp one week out of the whole year in Bermuda and this is one of the camp sights.

 Hmmmm. I think I could stand camping here.
 Once we got used to riding the Segway she let us go really fast and play a little. I want one, too bad they wouldn't really be practical in Maine.
 We stopped at a tiny beach for 15 minutes and got some beautiful shots of the ocean and rocks.

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