Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bermuda Night Fishing

 After our segway tour we went back on the ship grabbed some dinner and headed back out to go night fishing. I wish there weren't any clouds so the sunset would have been better but it was still pretty.
 I love this picture of Travis. I took like 6 of him trying to get the rite setting for the lighting and got these two that actually came out really nice.
 We sailed out for about 40 minutes and then dropped the anchor. We used little squid for bate. I thought it was going to be really slimy but it was just we and rubbery.

 Unfortunately the fish were not biting even though they bate these spots, but at least Travis and I both caught one.
 They said they usually see a lot more action but it was still fun. We each caught a Silver Snapper. And we saw flying fish which were really cool and two jelly fish. Even though there were cloud in the distance the sky directly above us was crystal clear. We were rite under the big and small dipper and the most beautiful milky way I have ever seen.
 We had a froggy pet waiting for us this night.

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