Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hamilton, Bermuda

 We took a quick ferry over the the Capital of Bermuda on Tuesday, the last day we had to spend here, just to see it and look at the shops. It really just looked like a small city except the beautiful ocean was in view at all times. I took the picture above and below to show the style a lot of men wear. Shorts with dress shoes and socks puller up to their knees.
 Travis and I ate lunch and a place called Hog Penny, the inspiration for Cheers, and their were three men in there with button down shirts with ties wearing the shorts and socks. It looked so funny. The other thing we noticed is that Bermudians dress nice, take better care of themselves. Everyone was in pretty good shape, also genetically blessed as there were 7 men total eating in the restaurant with us and each of them descent looking.
 We had a turtle visit our room that night.
Wednesday night was the last night we had and extra guest waiting for us and it was a monkey. How fitting as by that time Travis and I both were ready to go home and love each of our little crazy monkeys. Bermuda was as I tell everyone a little bit of fun and a lot of awesome. I would love to go again the take the kids to see it.

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