Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bermuda Cruise

Travis and I went on vacation all by ourselves while my Aunt Alice watched our 4 kids. She's a saint I know. This is one of the many light houses we passed. There is something beautifully serene about looking out across the ocean and see it stretch what looks like forever. It's something I have treasured ever since a little girl. I'm so lucky to have grown up in Maine where I could experience this feeling as often as I like. Something I missed deeply during my 6 years in Utah.

As we sailed further into the ocean and Travis and I walked around the ship it was exhilarating to know we were in the middle of the ocean and no matter what direction I looked the beautiful ocean stretched for miles and miles. Being on the ship didn't make me queasy but a little dizzy. When the ship shifted it was disorientating, a little weird feeling to be walking around on what your mind thinks is solid ground and it all the sudden sways. The ship to us felt huge but from talking to other frequent cruisers it was a small one. We set sail Friday July 26th at 5 o'clock at night. Saturday night we came back to our room to find this cute fella ready to welcome us. It's amazing what people can do with towels. Friday night we went to the cruise show (there is one every night in an actual huge theater with a rotating part in the stage, live band, and a balcony) it was just a small introduction of the staff and performers we would be seeing throughout the cruise. Saturday night was a full on show with singing and dancing. These guys are amazing, we were thoroughly impressed.

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