Saturday, August 3, 2013

King's Warf, Bermuda

Sunday afternoon we reached our dock at King's Warf Bermuda. It's such a beautiful island Travis and I both said we could live here but the average house cost 3 million. I had no idea Bermuda was so expensive. There crime rate is really low, they have no sharks, and the water is amazing.

We couldn't have been more blessed with the weather. Just beautiful and clear the whole time.

This was the best I could get my camera to capture the color of the water. It's lighter than this and warmer than any pool, pond, or lake I have ever swam in in Maine.

Me on our balcony in our room enjoying the view and anticipating getting off the boat to explore Bermuda. I was so anxious. I was like a little kid trying to keep from bouncing off the walls.

Our ship, doesn't look very small huh?

This is the house the leader of Berumuda made for himself as a fortress when they thought they might be under attack. Bermuda is a U.K. property to this was all done with the approval of the King at the time.

These look like lemon trees but they are actually a different fruit all together and I can't remember the name of it but when it turns brown you peel of a flexible woody type skin and eat the inside which is just a thin layer of white gooey texture around a pit. Tasted most like a banana to me but obviously different.

Clock tower mall, a very small little shopping place.

These cannons were build the same time the fortress was built to defend themselves. Thank goodness Burmuda has never been attacked. They fired 2 cannons at a Spanish boat coming their way just as a warning and the boat changed it's course. That was it.

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