Monday, August 26, 2013

While We Were Gone

 While we were gone my Aunt Alice and Cousin Ashley watched the kids for the week. They almost killed my Aunt with their craziness and they got some great pictures to prove it.
We came home to this beautiful sign made my the kids. I loved it and left it up for a week.
 I bought a tie dye kit a few months ago and saved it for when we were gone so the kids would have a special thing to look forward to with Nana, what they call my Aunt.
 They went to the park and on the walking trail at the park.
 Ashley and Coy.

 Ashley and Harper. Ashley loved the kids when they are smaller so there are lots of Harper pictures.

 Nana taking a much needed nap, comforting Harper who got sick while I was gone, she cut three teeth while we were vacationing.

 They taught her thumbs up.

 Coy and Harper, two peas in a pod. Harper adores him and Coy loves to play with her, he loves her so much.
 I love the excitement in this picture.

 At the dock pond, one of our favorite summer spots.

 Seriously look at this crew. I am the luckiest woman alive.

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