Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

The Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point was by far our favorite stop during our trip. What an amazing place. It really puts into perspective how big these incredible animals were. Travis and I were so impressed. In fact Travis went to get more information on the 3D movie they have there when we thought we should be about complete came back and said "Wow, we are not even half way done."
Hayden loved the sand part where you find the bones, which is odd because he strongly dislikes sand on his feet. I guess it was well worth the discomfort to dig up bones because he didn't complain once. In fact we basically had to drag him out of there. Coy didn't like it at all he played for 5 minutes, when he realized throwing the sand was against the rules he opted out.

I don't think Grady new what to do, but he enjoyed being able to run around in a new place.

I don't remember what Dinosaur that foot belongs to but we sure thought it was cool that is was the size of Coy.

Discovery Museum

So the kids did have fun, but I could have turned around the second I walked into this place I would have. It was way over crowded and honestly I didn't think it was all that great. Nothing my kids haven't seen before. But we stuck it out for almost two hours. We had to you don't just take you kids to a place like this and say you can look but you can't touch.
I think Grady liked this place the best out of all the places we went. It was defiantly geared to a young child. I would not go here again, but won't say it was a waste because the kids really did enjoy themselves here and that's what it's all about.

Hogle Zoo

Zoo day was the only really nice day we had. Easter weekend wasn't bad but Monday as beautiful and the rest of the week during our stay it rained or threatened to do so. We were grateful we had at least one great day for the Zoo. The kids really got a kick out of the animals and my best friend Jessie got to come with us. We were so busy we only got to see friends for a couple of hours. We would plan to go back for more but then the week was over.
I was so pleased with the kids reactions and interest at the zoo. Lots of times we take our kids to do something and they just don't give me the reaction I was hoping for, well no let downs this time. Even Grady enjoyed himself and noticed the animals. I wish we could have got it on camera but a monkey was playing with Coy through the glass. Scared him bad the first time because he jumped right at him, but then Coy thought it was pretty neat and tried to encourage the monkey.

Hayden, of all things, was fascinated with the turtles. I don't know why but we had to drag him away from every one he saw. You can see his favorite turtles in pictures above. This was out second favorite place we went.

Easter in Utah

We went to visit Travis's family for Easter in Utah. We enjoyed a yummy Easter feast while mingling with family we haven't seen for two years. The kids enjoyed finding their eggs they decorated the day before and some filled with treats.The kids loved Grandma Sue's big swing set that allows you to push the kids really high and had fun playing with their cousins. It was like we never left after a few minutes of getting used to each other again.The kids were also quite impressed with the Easter Bunny this year as he snuck the Easter Presents on the counter right under their noses while they were watching TV and didn't even see him. Tricky Easter Bunny. He got the boys all and chocolate bunny and a game to go in their leapster. It was a good Easter all around.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Grady's Room

I finally remembered to take pictues of Grady's room for his baby book. Just thought I would share.

Side Walk Paint

There was finally a nice day in March where the temperature was up to the 50's. So I took advantage went to my parents with the side walk paint, yes I said paint, to vacuum out my mud/dirt/winter packed van. My kids occupied themselves with there new paint set. They had a lot of fun mixing the colors and trying out the roller.

Grady liked sitting in the middle of their wet projects and making away with the paints. It took me two hours to vacuum out my van and do a quick wipe down . It does every spring, yuck, but thanks to the side walk paint the kids didn't suffer along with me.