Monday, July 19, 2010

Hair Cut Fun

It's an understatement to say the boys don't like getting their haircut. So this time I tried to make it a little fun.
It totally worked for Coy. He was busting a gut. He is the middle of laughing in the first picture.

Hayden was slightly amused but still hated getting his hair cut. Oh well at least it worked on one kid and I got a kick out of it too.


There was a free fishing day here and the town stocked a pond with trout.
They provided bate, poles, and the kids got to take home a mini tackle box with a bob, hook, and a couple of those gummy bates.

They had a really good time trying to learn how to cast. Grady knotted his pole up in 2 seconds and we just let it stay that way. He was flinging that thing everywhere.

Hayden and Coy actually did pretty good, but alas we caught no fish. I forgot how much I like to fish. Life sure is starting to get more fun with the kids, now that they are getting old enough to start to understand safety and have the motor skills to actually start getting things like this.

Day 5 at Disney World

Day 5 at Disney we decided to hit Magic Kingdom and go on the rides we missed, like Space Mountain and Peter Pan. The kids least favorite place was Hollywood Studios because there were not a lot of rides so we decided to skip Epcot.

For our family it turned out to be the right move we were only there for about 4 hours and everyone was just done. We headed to our reservation and the Garden Grove restaurant. What a beautiful place.
The kids got to meet Timon and Rafiki.

This place had the best deserts I have ever had. I could have eaten it all if my stomach didn't betray me. Oh and I had my first Risotto. They were making them per order like they do omelets at breakfast buffets. Hmmm it was so good. This was the best vacation we ever had and we definitely want to do it again. Thank you Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bill for sharing it with us.

Day 4 at Disney World

Day 4 we went back to Magic Kingdom. Tried to ride all the rides we could possibly fit in. We saw the Oscars that Disney had one. It was cool for me to see them in person and to see how many they have. It's impressive, and I'm also pleased that they display them for their fans.
We usually didn't wait in line to see any of the Characters because we already had one character breakfast and still had a character dinner the next night. You get so much more personal time with them at the dinners and you don't have to wait in line.
This line however was short and worth it. The sorcerer Mickey is a favorite among us.
I love how Disney offers the professional pictures but will also take them with your own camera. The worker took this for us. We were so impressed with how happy people were and the customers service, and the organization.
I'm not sure which ride this was too but waiting in line for it was almost as much fun and the ride it's self. This day in rained and poured for almost two hours and we ended up riding it's a small world 3 times in a row. Whatever the kids missed on the first day they certainly saw on the fourth. We only had one more day left so we wanted to make this day the long one so the kids would be in bed at a decent time the night before the plain ride. We were out till Magic Kingdom closed and saw the light parade and fire works. During the light parade Pluto came right up to Hayden and Coy and gave them a big hug and kiss. It was so cool. The kids were so happy that he picked them out to kiss.

Day 3 at Disney World

I think this day was my favorite, it wasn't really hot. Even though we went in May trying to be smart and not catch the blistering Florida heat. Florida's temperatures were averaging 15 degrees higher than normal.
Even though this was probably our coolest day it was still toasty so this ride was not only fun but when and cool. We loved it in fact the kids went on it a couple of times. We were lucky enough to have Grandpa Bill join us on day three. We were all excited to see him and spend time with him as well and Grandma Sue.

The safari was great it was cool to see them in a more natural setting than the zoo.

It really felt like a safari in how the animals were just allowed to roam.

This giraffe was walking right beside us. They are so beautiful.
Animal Kingdom had lots of great features including a huge dinosaur underpass and what we thought was the best roller coaster at Disney, Mount Everest.

Travis and I both rode it twice, I almost lost my hat the guy behind me caught it, and Hayden went three times. Coy wasn't tall enough.
At the end of this day we walked around Disney Boardwalk and waited for our reservations at Cat Cora's restaurant Kouzina.
It was amazing food and definitely a highlight for me and Travis. The food was unique and amazing. Yumm I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Day 2 at Disney World

Tuesday morning we had reservation at the Ohanna for breakfast with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch. We were impressed with how beautiful the hotel was. It misty near the water and beautiful.After breakfast the characters had the kids walk around shaking their maracas with them and had a little parade.

Stitch with Grady and Hayden.

Coy, Grandma Sue, and Pluto.

All three boys with Stitch.

All three boys with Mickey.

Pluto is Hayden's favorite. He actually got to see him personally twice during this trip.

Our second day we decided to do Hollywood Studios. The toy story ride was by far the best. When we were on our way they had the soldiers come out and do a skit.

Then they invited the kids to do the orders with them.

They were pretty funny and didn't quite know what to think of the whole thing, but we sure were getting a kick out of it. The boys decided they wanted to go on tower of terror too. What a crazy ride, they liked it but they didn't. If it was just the elevator ride without the ghosts they would have loved it. Their such ride junkies.

Day 1 at Disney World

By the time we got to the Hotel and settled it was a little later than we were expecting. Due to weather our plane was significantly late. (This is from the It's a Small World Ride). So cute.
The ride seemed to go on forever, which is a good thing for a ride and the kids couldn't possibly take it all in.
We decided to go to Magic Kingdom on the first night even though we were sure it would be there favorite and we wanted to save it for later in the trip, it is the only park open late enough to make it worth it.

Grandma Sue came with us and saved us. Of course she had fun too, but it made life so much easier to have the same amount of adults as kids. She is so good with them and they love her and miss her so much.

The boys were so fascinated with how Cinderella's castle changes color. I have to admit it was beautiful. We were so impressed with how the kids behaved this first night. We were up at 4 that morning. Long plane ride and late night, the adrenalin kept them going, they were so excited.

Monday, July 12, 2010

No Training Wheels Part II

After Coy learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels Hayden was re motivated. He was in no hurry and just wanted to do a little at a time but eventually he got it.

He still doesn't love riding his bike like Coy, but at least he knows how. Hayden's thing is running. He loves to run. We are so proud of him. Love you Hayden.


This kids wanted to sign up for T-Ball again this year so we did not knowing we would be moving right in the middle of the season.

They had fun the first couple of games, but they had a cold game and then didn't want to do it anymore and with me in the middle of packing and moving, I didn't argue.

Here they are playing catch and Hayden and Coy both actually caught the ball a couple of times.

I thought they looked so cute all decked out in their uniforms.