Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

 For some reason my vertical pictures won't be vertical. So here is our sideways picture of the kids Christmas morning before the unwrapping began.
 My parents came over to join us this year. And Hayden was old enough to be Santa this year. He did really well in fact I wanted him to move a little faster. But it was nice to take out time. So much build up to be over in a matter of minutes or in our case a couple of hours.
 We finally let the kids open their stockings at 5:30. Then they played with their stocking stuff while we cooked breakfast and waited for my parents. We ate and started opening at 7:00. I think it took us a little over and hour to unwrap everything.
 Grandpa Bill got them candy and gift cards, Grandma Sue got them some little gifts and money.
 Mom and Dad got Hayden a Pokemon game, stuffed animal, and blanket, plus a little more. Santa got him a electronic play kit.
 Coy got a blanket too, a stuffed bear, some prepared slides for his microscope and more. Santa got him and tennis tether-ball set. Which we have all been playing with, it's so much fun.

 Harper got some gorgeous clothes from Grandma Sue and some cute toys from us. I of course had to get her Cinderella the movie too. I know deep down inside she wanted it but just couldn't form the words. :)

 Grady got the same bear Coy did, he also got toys instead of money from Grandma, a laser gun game, and a screw driver kit from Santa. They were all so happy and so were Travis and I watching them.

 We had such a fun great day. One of my favorite Christmases yet.

 Coy's tether-ball gift was the biggest gift under the tree so he was so excited. We make the kids wait for the Santa gifts till all else is gone and we made Coy wait to the very end.
 He was so funny hopping up and down in anticipation. He wasn't disappointed he has loved his game.
We are still waiting for Grandpa Steve's gifts which they are excited about, they got lost in the mail hopefully they will show up soon. All in all we had a super Merry Christmas.

Santa's Cookies

 For my birthday Grandma Sue got me one of these cookie presses. The boys and I were so excited to try it.
 We had such a good time pressing the button and figuring out how long, it's two seconds by the way, to make the perfect cookies.
 They each did such a good job and they didn't taste too bad either.

 We even used the cookie press to put on the frosting. We used the left over frosting from Harper's birthday cake. I told them Santa doesn't care if it's pink, it still taste good.
 Love my gorilla pod that makes pictures like these possible.
 And pictures like these as Travis came home just as we were finishing. Harper was sleeping. The best time of the day to do special thinks like this with the boys. Our Christmas Eve was so nice and exciting  My heart was full of joy listening to them and their excitement. With Christmas music playing, cookies in the oven, hubby home early, and my parents on their way for Christmas Eve dinner it couldn't have been better.

Christmas Sunday

 Grandma Sue got this adorable dress for Harper on her birthday. She wore it the first Sunday in December and the Sunday right before Christmas. I thought Grandmas Sue would like to see her in it so I took this picture to email it to her and it came out so good I had to post it.
She doesn't look like her Daddy or anything.

Gingerbread Houses

 The much awaited gingerbread houses. We look forward to this all year. Me and my girlfriend Amy made the houses a couple weeks prior to this so they are all baked cut and put together prior to the event.
 Then the kids just go crazy eating and decorating. It's and all bets are off day with candy. We have so much fun.
 They really came up with some creative ideas, like Coy criss crossing the candy
 I opted not to do one this year. It's just less crazy and more fun to just focus on the kids and after the kids are done I'm not in the mood anymore to do mine.

 Harpers first lollipop

 Coy's finished house.
 Hayden's finished house.
 All three together. We had such a cute village on top of our fridge this year.
Grady's finished house.

Pretty in Purple

 My cousin Ashley found this gorgeous purple dress for a super good deal. I just couldn't resist taking her picture in it. Such a pretty girl.


Cute Harper picture. Enough said.

Happy Birthday Harper

 I can't believe my baby is 1 year already. I know all mothers say this but I echo I GOES BY SOOOO FAST!!!
 Her brothers are so good to her and lover her so much.
 She loved her cake and all the fun attention coming her way. She still doesn't crawl, but stays sitting up like a pro. She says Momma, Dadda, Good girl, Uh oh and more.
 She is sleeping through the night and weened off breat milk drinking only out of a sippy cup. She is so smart and happy all the time.
 It was so much fun making a pink cake. I just can't get enough of the this girl stuff.
 We just had a small party with just Papa and Grandma Re Re with us.

 We had each of the boys take turns helping her unwrap. She loves her brothers so much.
 She got some princess blankets, cloth books, shoes, cloths, and some toys. She is a spoiled sweet little princess.