Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 3 Beijing Forbidden City & Tian An Men Square

This is one of two magnolia trees that were planted when the Forbidden City was built. The oldest magnolia trees in Beijing.

Just another cool tree in China, I really like looking at the different types of trees.

Some silk robes on display like what might have been worn.

This crowd of people was very tricky to get through. It was like a tourist mosh pit. I finally shoved my way to the front with persistence and patients, this totally would have been rude in the US but not here. People do it all the time. I had the make it all the way to the front so I could rest my hands on the bar to get a clear picture because I kept getting bumped. Then when I was dun I did a quick tuck and roll out so the lady from our tour group right behind me could take my coveted spot.

This another fictional Character they have statues of everywhere that bring health, good luck, and prosperity.

More lucky doors. They were everywhere.

Most of these pictures were taken through glass windows, to preserve the integrity no one is allowed inside. These rooms were the Emperors office, his sleeping quarters, his first wives's sleeping quarters and waiting rooms for concubines.

These brass bowls were filled with water at all times as a safety precaution against fire.

This paved floor was 7 brick layers deep. Each layer laid in the opposite direction. The Emperor was paranoid of someone digging a tunnel to get into the city, so he made sure no under ground attacks could take place. He was right no underground attacks did take place the person that killed him walked right through the doors.

These were the pictures taken after making my way through the mosh pit. I think it was worth it.

We are now standing on Tain An Men Square. This is a revered happy place for them where improtant politcal events have taken place. Most people in China don't know about the masacre. They do not have freedom of information, if they look it up the only information they would find would be biast communist information from the government. Those who do know about it from friends on the outside do not talk about it. Our tour guide specifically said to us as we were standing on the square, "Do not ask me about you know what, this is a happy place."