Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eight Month Old Grady

My wish did not come true, you know the one to stop time just for a little while because this season on year flies by so fast and I'm not ready for my baby to have his first birthday. Not even close to ready. No, my wish certainly did not come true, because I don't even know what happened to October. It it the fastest October I have ever had (whimper, whimper, sigh). This month with Grady's advancements has been tough and wonderful as is everything in life, right? He loves to crawl- positive, he constantly is crawling underneath my feat and I have already squashed his pinkie once-negative. He cut his top two teeth and looks so cute with them- positive, the trip down teething lane to get them was beastly and nursing is a bit of a sore experience now-negative. He also like to grace me with his presence at 4:30 in the morning now at least 4 times a week ready for the day. I can't seem to find the positive in this one. It makes 6:00 seam like a gift from the sleep fairy. I love how he gets so excited to see me, and is starting to reach for me when other people are holding him. I love how he loves his brothers and how protective and loving they are to him. I love watching his bum when he crawls. There are few things cuter than a baby's bum. He is such a good baby and we are so blessed to have him.
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Leaf Jumping

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As a kid one of my favorite things to do was jump in the leaves. Yesterday we went to my parents house, raked up a huge pile of leaves and played, played, played. I think my Dad and I enjoyed it more than the boys did. Hayden and Coy eased into it. Grady wanted nothing to do with it. We had fun racing, jumping, and throwing. I love the fall season, the best season of all for me.

Pumpkin Cake

Posted by PicasaI have held onto the direction to make this cake for over a year in hopes that an occasion would call for it. So when we had a trunk-o-treat/pot luck last night the time had finally arrived. It was a hit with the top half chocolate cake (the recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa is the best) and the bottom half spice cake (a recipe from how could I go wrong. Cute idea huh? It's two bunt cakes on top of each other with a upside down cupcake for the stem. Got to love Cooks Country they great food and ideas.

Friendly Bird

We were just hanging out and all of the sudden Travis notice a bird standing on our
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porch. We approached the sliding glass door carefully not wanting to scare it away. The boys were thrilled to be so close even when they were in the house.
After we figured they got enough and wouldn't be sad if it flew away we decided to
fulfill their request and let them go outside to see it, and of course it would fly away the second it even heard the door. Except it didn't obviously something was wrong with the poor thing, because the boys were outside close to the bird for a good ten minutes or more. Getting very close without touching.
Eventually we asked that they leave the poor thing alone, who was probably scared to death, and we would check on him later. Well we did and he was gone so he must have recuperated enough to fly away. Travis and I were glad, because we didn't know what we were going to do if it was stuck or sick. Fun times for all except the bird of course.

Shower Time

I was cleaning the bathroom Monday and little Grady was under my feet the whole time. Oh and yes he has been officially crawling since the beginning of the month and is becoming quite the pro. Good thing I clean my bathroom frequently or this would be kinda gross. It's so much fun having him moving around. He has gotten big so fast.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Posted by PicasaMy Aunt Alice (Nana) and her Granddaughter Ashley came for an overnighter. It was a nice visit. We got caught up, ate some yummy food, and did our seasonal pumpkin carving. Nana and I did most of the carving. Not that I was surprised. Hayden helped carve a little with some assistance and Coy assisted with the guts. It was entertaining to say the least. We love having them here, but missed our Rozada this time. Here come the busy seasons.