Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Elders

 Once a month we try to have the Elders over for dinner. We love the spirit they bring into our home and the example they set for our boys. Plus we just want to support them. This particular time we had our regular Elder and one from another ward, they were on splits. This was such a good lesson as Hayden started asking questions about how they knew the church was true and about the spirit.
They explained the Holy Ghost so well and showed us all some great short videos. The deal was if they were good and nice to the Elders, aka not attacking them, they would get a treat when the night was through. The only rule was they could not spit it out. Well the candies were War Heads. LOL!!! The first picture is of their initial reaction, the second is when the candy got sweet and they were doing fish faces. The best part, about a month after this dinner Hayden bore his testimony that he now knew the church was true that he had been praying about it and reading his scriptures. I was a blubbering Mom that Sunday. So proud of all my boys. May they be great missionaries one day like these great Elders.

For the Love of Shoes

This is one of Harper's favorite things to do. Grab a shoe, any shoe that is not hers and scoot around with it. I have a picture of her doing it with my red stilettos on my phone. I'll get it one here eventually. This makes me laugh all the time. She is so fun.

Spring Concert & Art Show

 The boys concert was cute as always. Coy did a sweet little number with a cazoo. They were all so good.
 Hayden had two really catchy songs with his grade. I'll be sad when these cute concerts end. It's so rewarding to see them get up and perform.
 These are their favorite art projects displayed this year. They do a great job. I'm so proud of my boys they are doing so well in school, their grades are good and their well liked by peers and faculty.

Sunday with Harper

 Sunday's with Harper.... we never know how it will go.
Sometimes she quiet and sweet, sometimes you would think it was her that should speak.
Sometimes she's crazy from needing a nap, sometimes she so cute you want to clap.
 Either way we are glad to have her along, her little personality is sure getting strong.

Cutie Pie

 Harper's hair is getting long enough to start to be a little more creative. We, or should I say I, did this fun little criss cross thing. She hated it. But she sure looked cute when done.

Happy Easter

 Easter morning! Yummy Bunnies, peeps, and a fun filled egg hunt.
 Harper actually picked up one of her eggs and put in it her basket. Such a cutie.

 Her Easter Dress.
 The Easter Bunny hid the eggs inside this year because we still had 4 feet of snow outside.  So there were lots of nooks and cranies for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs really well.

 The hunt lasted a good hour, they really had to search this year.

 Hayden actually was getting frustrated because he was having such a hard time finding one in particular. Eventually he got it and they were all happy. We finished of the day with a yummy turkey dinner with Grandma ReeRee and Papa. It was a good Easter.

Easter Cup Cakes & Egg Decorating

 This year in our annual Easter box that Grandma Sue sent us a cup cake decorating kit was included. Well of course we had to make cup cakes on our Easter fun day along with eggs. The boys had such a good time using out cookie press for frosting. There were sprinkles and colored sugar and toothpick toppers. It was messy creative fun. They each finished 5 cup cakes and got to eat two. Once the cupcakes were finished we moved onto the eggs.

 One of our favorite traditions of the year. We didn't start the eggs until Harper went down for a nap.
 Next year she will be able to help.
 Some of our prettiest eggs yet.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Young Women in Excellence

 I feel like I'm starting to get the hand of these special Young Women's events. We had fun, learned, and felt the spirit. Win win win.
 I stole a ton of ideas from Pinterest, I would be lost without that sight. First we had a small presentation of different pictures of shoes and how each represents a value and why. Then each of the girls brought a pair of their own shoes and talked about how they helped them stand in a holy place.
 The bishop gave a longer talk on his "Bishop Shoes". Then we played a game.
 All of our girls had fun and got to take home a pair of shoes, some Hershey kisses and a framed picture of the temple.
 We enjoyed a little snack, cleaned up and went home with smiles on our faces. Such a nice night.

Coy the Teacher

 Grady wanted to practice his bike so Coy went out to help him. So sweet and nice. He actually made some progress with him. Which is great, I need all the help I can get teaching Grady how to ride his bike. Grady is.... shall we say spicy about it? Grrr. He'll get it. Patience for mom and gratitude to Coy. Such a good big brother and great bonding moment for them.

Happy 5th Birthday Grady

 Grady wanted a shark birthday and the more kids I have the more I scale back on the effort for perfection with regard to birthday parties. If I'm not stressed then the whole thing goes better for everyone. So I just make to cakes in square pans and cut out a shark shape free hand.

 Used scrap pieces for the fin and fish dinner and walah Happy Birthday boy.
 We just had Dexter, Grady's little friend and Grandma Ree Ree and Papa over. It was small but fun. Grady colored in his own pin fish in the sharks mouth game.

 Next came the cake. Which might I add was super yummy and gluten free.

 Grady got a card with some money in it from Dex, Transformer from Grandma Sue, EZ fort from Mom and Dad and few more fun things from other loved ones.
 Can't believe he is going to school next year. He is so excited he does the hourly count down when his brothers get home from school everyday.
 He thought that he would go to big boy school right away which made me laugh. I had to explain to him numerous times that he has to wait until the new school year begins in the fall. He doesn't like it but at least he gets it.
 He is so funny and crazy, full of life all the time and keeps me on my toes.

 We love you dearly bugga boo. Happy Happy Birthday my big 5 year old.