Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 6 Hangzou Lingyn Temple

It was amazing to walk through this ancient piece of history.

The sculptures were so detailed and beautiful.

The kids there were so cute, I had to get a picture of at least one.

We actually saw some monk walking around this area. These are sacred to them and they ask you don't take cameras inside so we could only get pictures from the outside in.

These are lit all the time. There are incense shops everywhere and people buy them and light them and stand in front of a building and do a bowing sequence in all four directions with the incense.

No picture could ever do this justice. Massive and impressive.

This building was in the shape of a backwards swastika, which means good, and all the things Buddhism stand for. We were told there are actually two reasons the swastika is called the crooked cross. Because is a backwards sign of their symbol and of course a bent cross. Their were 500 hundred different monk sculptures in there.

Day 6 Hangzou Tea Plantation

Green Tea fields, this was such a beautiful place.

They only pick the tea at the peak of season, it is the best in the world.

It is hand tossed in a warm metal bowl as it roast the hands feel when it is ready.

They gave us a great presentation on Tea. In China if you serve someone tea in a bag it is a sign you are not a very welcome guest.

They have special bottles that have filters so the tea leaves don't go in your mouth but the tea is loose on the bottom.

Our tour guide drank it all day long everyday.

The Ground of the Tea Plantation.

More beautiful magnolia trees.

This felt like a scene from the movies, hats and all.