Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Up Date

So there are lots of changes going on here. Travis got a bigger store so it's crazy to think but here we go again. On the move. Unfortunately the brand new homes were the same price and the older ones, and the older ones that needed a new roof or windows or you name it, so we opted to build. We will be separated for the next couple of months only seeing each other once a week or less. Travis is already hating not having a family and a home to come home to, and I already miss him, but we feel it's a small short sacrifice that hopefully will pass quickly for a home we will enjoy for the next four years or so.
Hayden is registering for school and starting to get the necessities for Kindergarten and my emotions about the whole things are right where they should be and as every other moms are when there kids enter kindergarten. I'm so excited for him, and looking forward to having more time to focus on just 2 kids, but am so sad that he his getting so big and will be gone for so long every day.
Another shocking change in our lives is that the branch we were going to dissolved. With us moving, a sad death, a lot of graduates, and our elder couple leaving with no one to replace them we just couldn't go on any more. Sad but for best. Changes like these just make so much more grateful that out religion is exactly the same with the same structure, the same manual, and the same principles wherever we go. It was so nice to go our church in the new area we are assigned to and feel right at home even with all the people we didn't know.
So needless to say things have been quite chaotic around here and will continue to be so throughout the summer, but we are excited for all the changes and for the direction our lives are heading.

Story Land

We decided to live up the moment and take the kids to Story Land with one of Travis's co-workers. We like to do something fun like this every year. So we decided we better do it now while Travis was still at home or we wouldn't get a chance. The kids loved it and were so well behaved. I walked away feeling satisfied because I actually got the joyous reaction from the kids I hope for. Going with Travis's friend was perfect because they had a baby too and would watch Grady for us on some rides so we could all go. Here the kids met Cinderella. They were not very impressed but still wanted their picture taken. Go figure.
They like the Kings throne so much better and got quite a kick out of the big chair.

I forgot what this part was called but it was a huge building with soft foam balls flying everywhere. Guns that shot them across the room and vacuums that would suck them up a tube and either spit it out at the top or put them in a basket above your head. When the basket gets too full all the ball fall on top of you.

They could have spent hours in here. Luckily they were excited to see every thing so it didn't take too much effort to get them to move on.

One of the favorite rides was the Polar Coaster. I have to admit it was quite the impressive roller coaster for how small it was.

They had all kinds of fun things. A carriage ride to Cinderellas castle, pirate ship ride, a mini circus show with trained cats, another one of Hayden's favorites, and so much more. The day was perfect. I was so impressed with our boys they stayed with us and listened the whole time. They can't wait to go back and for that matter neither can I.

Mothers Day Picture

After visiting my mom on Mothers Day I went to my girlfriend Megan's house for a couple of days.
Travis was going out of town and we are in the middle of moving so I was thinking it could be a while before we get to hang out again. While I was there Sean, Megan's husband, did a Mother's Day family home evening. At the end he had all the kids draw their mom a special picture. This is what Hayden drew. He was so excited. It's a picture of Mom peeing!!! Apparently I'm a boy. We had a good laugh over this one and Hayden got a kick out of being the one responsible for all the laughter. Thanks Hayden