Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Picking

One of my favorite things about living in New England is the fall when the colors start coming out and the apple orchards are full.
There is nothing like a fresh crisp apple right off the tree.
I think Grady agrees. The kids had fun filling their bags, but sadly it didn't take them very long to do it, so our time at the orchard was shorter than expected but we still had fun.
We went home and I made home made applesauce and canned it. Coy and I love just plain unsweetened home made applesauce. HMMMM!
They had quite the day today between soccer in the morning, apple picking in the afternoon, and then the park later in the day they were pretty tuckered out. I only wish everyday could be as smooth and full of fun like this one. But that's not life so I try to really appreciate and enjoy days like this one.

My Life

This is my life. 2 1/2 and still intentionally destructive. As the old saying goes "It's a good thing he's cute." ;)


Right now we are trying out a little bit of everything.
I think we have decided that T-Ball is not a favorite, but Soccer is yet to be determined.

At first they didn't like it so much because they had never played much, but now they are getting better and starting to like it.
I don't care if there super star athletes I just want them to be healthy and active.

First Day of School

I can't believe Hayden is in first grade, Coy's in kindergarten and it's just me and Grady every day.
Coy did so well no tears, a little apprehensive, but also excited. They both did so good.
This is what they chose for their fist day of school outfit.
Stud number 1.
Stud number 2. I miss them when there gone but they are learning so much and love it. I am so happy for them. Hayden is now reading small books and Coy is starting to comprehend and addition and sight words. They are both so smart, we couldn't be more proud.

Failed Attempt

So it goes and is my history with potty training that I have one failed attempt, before we have success. I happened with Hayden and Coy and despite my efforts and beautiful art work it happened with Grady. Oh well we'll try again in a few months. Or maybe he will do it on his own before then, since he is going on his own once in a while.

A Parade Just for Me

This was my special surprise for being such a good mom, I was told.
A beautiful performance of drums, recorders, maracas and more it the form of a parade, performed by the cutest boys ever.

Happy Birthday on Time

I neglected to tell family in Utah that we were celebrating Coy's birthday a week early so a week later for his real birthday he woke up to a surprise the UPS guys delivered to our door.
He was so excited it was like extending his birthday party. The next day in the mail we got Grandpa Steve and Shells gift and the birthday wishes finally ended after that, but he sure go a kick out of how the gift just kept coming. Thanks to everyone for loving Coy and his birthday wishes.