Thursday, December 3, 2009

The New House

You've begged, you've prodded finally here it is our new house. We are enjoyign it greatly and no it is not as big as it looks. It actually is smaller than our cape, the cape just hides it better and there is no garage, which although we know it's a garage and not part of the living space I still it's decieving to the eye. It's a great little spot just five minutes from the city. It's nice for a change to live in the city again. They both have there pros and cons, so right now I'm focusing on the pros for here wich is quick shopping access, 7 minutes to the grocery store, 5 minutes to a Khols or Lowes or you name it, oh and one of the best parts we are close to our church building too. This is a first in 3 years.
My favorite part of this house is the kitchen. We upgraded a few things knowing it would have to sell in approximatly five years. Realtors say kitchens and bathrooms sell a house so we upgraded cabinets, faucet, appliances, and our faucet. I will enjoy it while I have, this is my most favorite kitchen I have had yet.
When we looked at the model it was considerably smaller, and laundry was in the bathroom in the room behind the oven. So we had them move the laundry in the basement, which I prefer and bump the wall back, giving us and extra 4 feet of counter and cabinet space. Best decision we made with this house.
Hayden and Coy's room. The boys had no problems adjusting to there smaller beds and room. We did not hear one peep of complaint. It's like they didn't even notice. I was a little nervous we would have a fight so I am so grateful it's a perfect fit. All the rooms basically look like this except ours if bigger of course. It's a three bedroom with room to finish another space in the attic if wanted. Another thing I love about this house is the walk up attic. It's so nice for storage.The space we had them finish off downstairs is such a sanity saver. Ever since we had the extra living space in the other house we decided it a luxury we will not live without as long as we are blessed to do so.
Here is the dining room. Nothing special now. Our nice table is still at the other house and I'm going really slow putting pictures up because I want it to be just right. Grady is all over our table with the chairs up so they are constantly down. Unfortunately he has figured out how to climb on the table even with the chairs down, but at least he is not on my counter tops, which he also did. He is a problem solving monkey.
Our upstairs living room, AKA my sanctuary. I love love love this room.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Caught Up

I'm finally caught up, all the posts in October are the new posts from today and last week. I know I know you want to see the house. Now that this is taken care of my next project is to go around taking pictures of the house so all curious can see. Sorry it took so long, but here they are for those who care. ENJOY!

Happy Halloween

So our traditional bumble bee costume for this age is at the old house still and after much internal debate I decided to just go buy one, spending less money on the costume than I would on gas to go back the old house.
So our sweet Grady was a duck and I might add a darn cute one. He caught on real quick what was going on was not missing one house. We had a great night and got more candy than we knew what to do with.
Hayden of course was bumblebee and was very happy with his home made sword and mask. He got tired and a little nervous at the end and opted out of the last few houses. Then we thought he fell asleep but turns out he was laughing behind the mask because he was tricking us.

Coy did such a good job listening and choosing the right during our trick or treating night. I was very happy with him. He hit every house and finally on the walk home asked to be carried he was so pooped. None 0f them were too pooped to eat candy when we got home though.

I actually dressed up for one of 3 events we went to this year, but that was all they were getting out of me. I called myself a medieval witch. The kids got a kick out of it. It was fun for one night but all and all I'm ready for Halloween to be done and for Thanksgiving to come. Bring on the Turkey. YUM!

Pumpkin Carving

Every year we do fancy pumpkins the kids get a kick out of it and to be honest so do I. They did the best yet this year actually cutting some of the longer straight lines and touching the guts.
Grady having a taste of some raw pumpkin seeds, Hayden and Coy hard at work taking the guts out.

Here are our finished products. Hayden chose the monster, Coy the spider with the web. The spider was quite a bit more challenging. In fact the web broke if four places but I was able to fix it with a tooth pick so it wasn't noticeable.

Spell Eagles


I had to make Hayden's mask this year because the costume we got at the thrift store didn't come with it.
So instead of putting the paint away after I was done I left it out and we all painted when Hayden got home from school.

It was fun and Grady's first try at painting.

On top of that I read this great idea in my magazine about displaying my kids art work on the inside of your cabinet doors. I love it because my fridge doesn't look so cluttered, not to mention there is not enough space for all of them, but every time I open my cupboards I see beautiful art work from those I love the most.

Swine Flu

Yeah that's right we, or should I say Travis, got the swine flu. We were so lucky as me and the kids were out of town when he was most contagious and no one got it. It was awful and we are so glad that everyone is alright and that it's over.

Grady and Corn on the Cob

A little apprehensive at fist.

Then he dove in

He like it and dives in again. We were all, even the kids, laughing at this one.

Dentist Reminder

So it was a cold morning at the bus stop this day. The other two boys stayed behind at the house as we walked to the end of our road. I was hugging Hayden to keep him warm, it's still too warm for winter jackets but a little too cold for your regular sweatshirt hoodie. I was look down talking to him when he tilted his head just right to respond to me. My brain stopped, what was that I just saw in his mouth? Was that a tooth? I asked Hayden to open his mouth no it wasn't a tooth, it was teeth. Yeah that's right plural, he had two teeth growing in behind his two bottom front teeth. I went home bewildered and reminded to get a dentist in this area. I called a Dentist someone referred us to and they had a cancellation for that day. Hayden did so good, no cavities and much to my surprised where his teeth are growing in is perfectly normal and actually a good spot. I was relieved even though I still can't figure out why this bothered me. Maybe because it's just another sign as to how big he is getting. Here he is holding his timer for brushing, very excited for his prize he picked out a pretty plastic ring and proceeded to give it to his love Brianna at school. Hahaha, so not ready for that, hope it passes soon. Oh and to top it off a week ago I noticed he cut one of his adult molars on the bottom and the other almost broke through. He never said it hurt.

My World

Hayden's First Day of School

So we didn't close on our house until the same day as Hayden's first day of school. These pictures were taken at my good friends house who let us stay with her until we closed and could move. We ended up staying there 3 nights.

So with a heavy heart I got up and got Hayden ready for his first day of school. He was so excited after seeing everything in the open house the day before.

He didn't even notice our mixed emotions as we are sending our baby of to the big world. He was ready to go. My heart was pounding and I was a little nervous but that was about it until we got to the school.

Then the glossy eyes began and Travis repeats over and over again "Wow this is hard" and all I can bring myself to say is "Yeah."

We watch him show us how strong he then his teacher comes to have them all line up and we just stand there. Shouldn't we stop this crazy lady from taking our child, WHAT ARE WE DOING JUST STANDING HERE? I'll tell what we are doing.... starting to let go. He was all smiles waving good bye on his way through the door and we mimicked him and smiled and waved back. The drive to the closing was silent as we tried to get our emotions in check. Finally time comes to pick him up and he runs and gives us the biggest hug ever and tells how it was the best day ever and he loves school. Ok so maybe we did make the right choice after all. We sure love you Hayden.

Windsor Fair

Here we are again our annual trip to our favorite fair. Not too crowded, although there was a little more people this year than normal, maybe the secret it out. Just enough entertainment for everyone. The tilt a whirl is one of my and the boys favorite rides. I shift my weight just right and get us spinning so fast our heads are glued to the back and they love every second and to be honest so do.
This year they had bracelets so the kids go to ride whatever they wanted as much as they wanted. It was so nice to just be able to say yes of course you can ride that, and that, and that .....

Can't skip the classics. The kids love all the rides they take after me in this.

This is also a favorite we do again and again every year.
If I remember correctly Hayden won this race. Quite pleased with himself.
Hayden is getting so much better at trying new things. Food and petting animals. He didn't like it but at least he tried.
Coy as always loves touching and petting everything he can get his hands on. It was so nice this year. The boys just stayed near. They know better, the only one we had to worry about running away was Grady and he is so attached he usually doesn't go far.

Grady loved these ducks. My parents got such a kick out of him this year. He is at that perfect age for the fair where he is finally old enough to notice, but it's all still new.

I hope we can go here every year for a long time. It's a tradition we will remember always.

Coy's 4th Birthday

Coy's Birthday was a hit. It always is. August is the best time for a birthday. Everyone is done with their vacations and getting ready for school, but it's too early for holiday crazy. Lucky kid had a really big show.
Our old branch was dissolved so we started going to a new ward, so we had friends to invite from the old and new wards. It was so much fun and we want to first of all say a big thank you to every one who was ably to come and celebrate with us.

First I tried my hand at a home made pinata, since the only pinatas I could find were a lot of money. Of course after the fact I was informed of some cheap ones. Oh well I learned a lot and will actually do it again and better next time. Can't get any cheaper than free news paper a couple cups of water a balloon and water.

Travis thought I made it too thick but one good whack from this kid and we had to tell him to back off so the other kids would get a chance. He was pretty pleased with himself as he should be.

Coy was so excited to have a pinata, I have a feeling it will be an ongoing thing for every party now. Hayden's too. Birthday are my thing, I love doing them for the kids.

Hayden taking a good couple whacks at it, ugly I know but functional.

I also made this pin the bat on the Batman. Not bad considering it was free hand and I am no where near an artist. My motto is if the birthday boys is happy I'm happy. And you can bet Coy was happy.

I found a cake pan that can do Batman and Superman, which I as very excited about. You can expect to see a Superman down the road in this exact same pose. This cake was particularly fun because I got to make it with my girlfriend Amy. I showed her the very few things I know how to do with cakes. Now we both want to take a decorating class. We will see.
Coy wanted another good look at his cake before he blew out the candle and we cut into it. He was so excited about his Batman party.
Lighting the one candle I could find. I forgot all about them and had either packed or lost our candles in the midst of the move. He didn't care that their was only one, such a good boy.

I'm not surprised with all his hot wind that blowing out one candles was no problem.

I can't believe he is four all my guys are getting so big. When Coy's birthday hits it feels like the beginning of a roller coaster of birthdays and holidays. Get ready for school, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Hayden's Birthday, and Christmas, take a breath, Grady's Birthday. I know I know we all have the same scenario don't we.

Coy's one and only gift from us, aside from the party which I consider a big gift in and of itself. He loves it, it's Mario Party 8.

Coy also got a new V-smile game and some great Batman pajamas which I think were the hit of the night. They came with a cape and every thing. He loves them.

He got a ton of stuff what a great birthday for a great boy. He is really starting to understand the importance of obedience and has always been snugly and loving. Life just wouldn't be the same without Coy. We love you buddy. Happy Birthday.