Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dentist Reminder

So it was a cold morning at the bus stop this day. The other two boys stayed behind at the house as we walked to the end of our road. I was hugging Hayden to keep him warm, it's still too warm for winter jackets but a little too cold for your regular sweatshirt hoodie. I was look down talking to him when he tilted his head just right to respond to me. My brain stopped, what was that I just saw in his mouth? Was that a tooth? I asked Hayden to open his mouth no it wasn't a tooth, it was teeth. Yeah that's right plural, he had two teeth growing in behind his two bottom front teeth. I went home bewildered and reminded to get a dentist in this area. I called a Dentist someone referred us to and they had a cancellation for that day. Hayden did so good, no cavities and much to my surprised where his teeth are growing in is perfectly normal and actually a good spot. I was relieved even though I still can't figure out why this bothered me. Maybe because it's just another sign as to how big he is getting. Here he is holding his timer for brushing, very excited for his prize he picked out a pretty plastic ring and proceeded to give it to his love Brianna at school. Hahaha, so not ready for that, hope it passes soon. Oh and to top it off a week ago I noticed he cut one of his adult molars on the bottom and the other almost broke through. He never said it hurt.

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