Saturday, October 31, 2009

Coy's 4th Birthday

Coy's Birthday was a hit. It always is. August is the best time for a birthday. Everyone is done with their vacations and getting ready for school, but it's too early for holiday crazy. Lucky kid had a really big show.
Our old branch was dissolved so we started going to a new ward, so we had friends to invite from the old and new wards. It was so much fun and we want to first of all say a big thank you to every one who was ably to come and celebrate with us.

First I tried my hand at a home made pinata, since the only pinatas I could find were a lot of money. Of course after the fact I was informed of some cheap ones. Oh well I learned a lot and will actually do it again and better next time. Can't get any cheaper than free news paper a couple cups of water a balloon and water.

Travis thought I made it too thick but one good whack from this kid and we had to tell him to back off so the other kids would get a chance. He was pretty pleased with himself as he should be.

Coy was so excited to have a pinata, I have a feeling it will be an ongoing thing for every party now. Hayden's too. Birthday are my thing, I love doing them for the kids.

Hayden taking a good couple whacks at it, ugly I know but functional.

I also made this pin the bat on the Batman. Not bad considering it was free hand and I am no where near an artist. My motto is if the birthday boys is happy I'm happy. And you can bet Coy was happy.

I found a cake pan that can do Batman and Superman, which I as very excited about. You can expect to see a Superman down the road in this exact same pose. This cake was particularly fun because I got to make it with my girlfriend Amy. I showed her the very few things I know how to do with cakes. Now we both want to take a decorating class. We will see.
Coy wanted another good look at his cake before he blew out the candle and we cut into it. He was so excited about his Batman party.
Lighting the one candle I could find. I forgot all about them and had either packed or lost our candles in the midst of the move. He didn't care that their was only one, such a good boy.

I'm not surprised with all his hot wind that blowing out one candles was no problem.

I can't believe he is four all my guys are getting so big. When Coy's birthday hits it feels like the beginning of a roller coaster of birthdays and holidays. Get ready for school, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Hayden's Birthday, and Christmas, take a breath, Grady's Birthday. I know I know we all have the same scenario don't we.

Coy's one and only gift from us, aside from the party which I consider a big gift in and of itself. He loves it, it's Mario Party 8.

Coy also got a new V-smile game and some great Batman pajamas which I think were the hit of the night. They came with a cape and every thing. He loves them.

He got a ton of stuff what a great birthday for a great boy. He is really starting to understand the importance of obedience and has always been snugly and loving. Life just wouldn't be the same without Coy. We love you buddy. Happy Birthday.

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