Saturday, October 31, 2009

Windsor Fair

Here we are again our annual trip to our favorite fair. Not too crowded, although there was a little more people this year than normal, maybe the secret it out. Just enough entertainment for everyone. The tilt a whirl is one of my and the boys favorite rides. I shift my weight just right and get us spinning so fast our heads are glued to the back and they love every second and to be honest so do.
This year they had bracelets so the kids go to ride whatever they wanted as much as they wanted. It was so nice to just be able to say yes of course you can ride that, and that, and that .....

Can't skip the classics. The kids love all the rides they take after me in this.

This is also a favorite we do again and again every year.
If I remember correctly Hayden won this race. Quite pleased with himself.
Hayden is getting so much better at trying new things. Food and petting animals. He didn't like it but at least he tried.
Coy as always loves touching and petting everything he can get his hands on. It was so nice this year. The boys just stayed near. They know better, the only one we had to worry about running away was Grady and he is so attached he usually doesn't go far.

Grady loved these ducks. My parents got such a kick out of him this year. He is at that perfect age for the fair where he is finally old enough to notice, but it's all still new.

I hope we can go here every year for a long time. It's a tradition we will remember always.

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