Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coy's Third Birthday.

For Coy's Birthday we had our first big friend birthday. We would have had one previously for Hayden but this is the first time we have had enough friends with small kids to invite. It was a Spider-Man party. He had a Spider-Man cake, goody bags, goodys in the bags, plates, napkins, and got numerous Spider-Man presents. He is in Spider-Man heaven. We had home made pizza, which is a great idea for a cheap way to feed something yummy to a lot of people, a scavenger hunt. The completion of the hunt earned them their goody bags. We opened presents then cake and ice cream. It was successful chaos. The boys had a blast and hopefully everyone who came did too. Happy Birthday Coy we love you.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us. We went to see The Dark Night, which by the way was excellent, and then to a great little French restaurant. Grady was a pooper almost the whole time. Afterward I concluded that he was now too big to take to movies because he wouldn't just sleep or be content with me holding him and he was borderline disturbing others. So we will have to wait until he is old enough for a sitter until we go to another movie. It was a good night and last minute despite Travis's protest I decided to take a snap shot of us to commemorate the day. Then I noticed the transformer that somehow snuck into our romantic moment :) Six years has gone by fast, here's to another six and many more after that. Love you Trav.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bragging Rights

He's just too cute. I know he's mine so I'm bias but if a baby this cute doesn't give me bragging rights I don't know what will.
He brightens all of our days. He is the perfect little addition to our family and he is so good natured.


Puzzles are a favorite in our house. We have over 20 different puzzles. The kids love to put them together over and over again. This is a new one they got and love. I must say it makes me proud to have such good little puzzlers. Probably because I feel it's one of the few traits they got from me. I love puzzles. My Dad and I used to sit in our kitchen with the wood stove rolling putting together 500 to 1000 piece puzzles for hours.
A past time I miss since a 1000 little pieces of card board is not exactly a kid friendly item to have around, nor do I have the time to sit and do a puzzle for and hour or two. I'm training them early so maybe when they get older we can all hover over huge hard puzzles in our kitchen with our propane stove keeping us toasty. Maybe it will be a fond memory of theirs with Mom like mine is with my Dad. Something I cherish and will even more so when he passes on.

Friday, August 8, 2008


They are tight but they fit. My regular size jeans! I am so relieved to be starting to get back into my regular clothes. It might be slow progress but at least it's progress. Sorry to the blogging world for my delay. Life has been out of control lately and all though I enjoy blogging it's not on the top of my priority list. Here are some things I didn't blog about and below are some more I did blog about. We completed our first swimming lessons for Hayden and Coy. I attended a sad but lovely funeral for my best friends niece, Savannah Hurley, who lost a 3 year long battle with cancer. We had some company over, I was over a very successful bake sale, and have been getting ready for Coy's 3rd birthday and more.

First Chompers

It's official while feeling inside Grady's mouth yesterday I felt his bottom front right tooth. And today I felt the left. He has two chompers. This is really early for my kids, but I'll take it because it wasn't that bad and we got two down at once. Two down 18 to go.

First Sleepover

We had our first sleepover with out the other kids parents the other night at our house. Kathryn and Vivian's mommy had to go away for a night so we watched them for a couple days. They are such good girls. I came downstairs and caught Kathryn (who thinks she is going to marry Coy) and Coy (who doesn't have a clue marriage is something he is going to do eventually) holding hands.

Considering the two girls had never spent the night away from family they did really, really well. I had to separate them to get them to fall asleep, but once they were out we one binky incident which was over as soon as the binky was plugged back in and that was it. In fact they slept in later than my kids. It was fun to have them over, but I was exhausted by the end. I'm sure we will have many more sleepovers to come.


Hayden is getting tougher and tougher. After getting hit with a dinosaur 4-5 times he had enough and gave Coy a taste of his own medicine. We don't condone hitting, but it has gotten to the point where we just let them go at it and comfort who ever needs it, if not both, when it's over. Well Hayden told Coy to stop after each blow till he finally took his transformer and decked Coy in the nose.
Coy came to me screaming in pain after which they both got time outs for hitting, but I have to admit part of me inside was saying good for you Hayden stick up for yourself. But the bad part is Hayden showed no remorse which concerned me. I think he was thinking the same as me, which was he deserved it. He does feel bad when he accidentally hurts someone so I guess I need not worry.

Treasure Hunt

Hayden started begging me for a treasure hunt. At last I agreed and started brainstorming. I quickly drew out 3 maps of the 3 different floors of our house. This was map #1 which led to map #2.
Coy holding up map #2. Map #2 of course led to map #3 which Hayden has now discovered.
Which led to my treasure.... can? I know I know but what do you do in a crunch? It was the best thing I had. Hayden was a bit confused to find a can and not a full blown treasure chest, but it's what was inside that counts. Some yummy chocolate pudding. They enjoyed this treat and I will for sure have to create another one soon.