Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 7 Shanghai The Bazaar

 The last day we had free time to explore this amazing outside shopping area, before we had to meet for dinner and go to a show that closed out trip perfectly.
 This was and amazing experience and is highly recommended by both me and Travis. We miss China a lot and loved it there.
 These were everywhere, either hilarious or highly offensive depending on your political view.

 We hope we get to see China again some day and maybe even bring the kids.

Day 7 Shanghai The Bund

 The Bund is a long stone paved walk way that you can do a 360 and see the almost the whole city.
 We happened to be there at the right time to witness a guard change.

 This building was originally suppose to be 7 stories shorter. They made the foundation and the funding was lost. A new person came along and wanted to make it 7 stories taller so at the time it would be the tallest building in  the world. The problem is the foundation was already put down to sustain a shorter lighter weight building. Making the bottle cap top was his solution to get his height but maintain his weight. Genius and now the building is more unique and beautiful too. Now the second highest in the world.

Day 7 Mag Lev Bullet Train

 Enjoying our ride on the fastest train in the world. It was incredibly smooth.

Day 7 Shanghai Rug Factory

 The difference between a hand knotted rug and a machine rug is if you get a snag on a hand knotted rug you only loose that one little knot, a machine woven rug you get a run. These are again made with 100% silk.

 They are gorgeous but extremely regal, I felt like I would need some multimillion dollar home with a marble entry way to have a place to put one that would actually look good.
 We don't have one of those, so we passed on the rugs but they were beautiful to look at.

Day 7 Shanghai

 Travis and I loved Shanghai. It was beautiful and modern some really cool architecture. This picture above is the inside of a show we went to see that was similar to Circe de Solea, and was mesmerizing in some moments.

 Notice the amount of levels in this circle of roads.

 Shanghai was home to something similar to the X-games.

 Shanghai at night from our Hotel window.

 Our Hotel didn't even start until floor 10. There was a seven level high mall under us and some other businesses. This is the center of the mall looking up.
 From our Hotel window during the day.