Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hayden is Iron Man, Coy is a dinosaur, and Grady is Spider-Man.

Pumpkin Carving

The tradition lives on.
Coy picked the witch.
Hayden picked the monster, again.
And Grady picked the cat. I off course finished them, but they get better and better every year.

Meet Chase!

So here goes the story. Travis called about the beginning of October and says "hey one of my co-workers is selling some pugs and their way cute do you want one?"
To which my response was "no way no how, forget it. When we get a dog it will be hypoallergenic and Hayden will be 10."
Travis comes home a week later and at the bottom of his basket I find a picture of 5 of the most adorable pug puppies I have ever seen. My lecture to myself was "be strong Shannon, NO DOGS!!!!"
Two hours later, I confess I couldn't stop thinking about the adorable apricot colored pug in the picture and told Travis "so you killing me with this picture." He reveals his master plan and says "I know that's why I brought it, just do some research Shannon."
OK what could a little typing hurt, apparently it can seal a deal because I learned that pugs are a low maintenance dog. They don't require a lot of exercise, they don't get very big, they are good with kids, and they are sturdy, and all around friendly.
I find the personality traits in a dog I have been searching for.

We find out they are available the Thursday before Halloween. We tried to keep the kids up the night Travis came home with him, but they all passed out. So these are pictures of them half awake the next morning trying to figure out what was happening.
Coy and Hayden both said he's to keep? They thought we were dog sitting or something. They still thank me, and tell me it was the best surprise ever and love Chase so much.
I adore him as well. He is a perfect fit for our family. I have never been attached to an animal like this before and am so happy we have our new addition to the family.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cider Fest

Thanks to my girl Amy, who watched Grady, I was able to go with Coy to his first field trip.
Play-doh, some of the best home made I have ever seen.
Face painting, Coy got a pumpkin.
Learning how to mold chocolate. This was really cool they showed us how to make a rose and then let the kids play.
Eating our sugar cookies.

Learning how to toss the food for a good saute.

Learning how to make home made applesauce with a food mill.

Trying different types of apples. Dough for cinnamon rolls.
Trying to peel the dough off his hands.

We got there a little early so we took the kids out to the track and they all started running. Coy did three laps. It was such a fun time. They also learned how to make cider, peel carrots, and zest oranges. I was so happy to be able to be there with him.

Monday, November 8, 2010

All I Want for Christmas.....

A few days later I could not longer call him snaggle tooth. I did however sing him the the Christmas song a few hundred times.