Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

We decided the kids are old enough now to do some pumpkin carving. Hayden chose the monster and Coy chose the spider. They had fun helping us along the smooth long lines and digging out the guts.
They are so proud of the finished result. It was a fun little activity that I think will become a great Halloween tradition.
Travis makes me laugh all the time but he rarely will do something goofy infront of the camera so I had to share this unique moment.
Coy poked some random holes in the spider while Travis was carving.

They were both intrigued with the whole process. It will be fun to see how much more they are able to actually help next year. When all the kids get older maybe well have a collection of five beautifully carved pumpkins every year, one from each of us.

Krista or Nathan

I know this is a weird post but recently two friends have contacted me through my comments. The only problem is their information does not come up when I click on them. Therefore Krista and Nathan if you get this I would love to see your blog or space. Could you please leave me that information on a comment, if you comfortable with that. I would love to see how you are doing too.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bar Harbor

We went to Bar Harbor for the day on Tuesday. Travis's mom came to town on Sunday so we have been spending time with her. We had a great time visiting and looking at beautiful Bar Harbor. The shops and ice cream were the best. It was a nice relaxing day. Thanks Grandma Sue for coming to see us. We all love you.

Coy's Sleep Test

For the last year we have know that Coy was having a hard time breathing at night, but when we moved into my mom's and were sleeping in the same room we realized just how scary his breathing was. Our thoughts went from we will just wait and ask questions at his next well check to, make an appointment right now and get him in. Our pediatrician didn't see anything but is a believer in a mother's intuition and takes everything I say seriously so he referred me to an ear nose and throat specialist. The next week we traveled over an hour and the specialist said we would need a sleep test. At the time I didn't think anything of it. It's just one night with a few wires, right? Well it was only one night but a few wires is a severe understatement. Monday night we headed to the sleep institute in Maine. The lady their informed me she could hear us all the time and was watching us the whole time too. She also could monitor all of Coy's wires constantly. Nothing like sleeping knowing someone is watching you! Coy did an amazing job getting hooked up which I attribute to the blessing Travis gave him. I honestly didn't think he was my child during the whole hook up process, he just let her measure, poke, prod, and paste everything up with no problem. He had 4 sticky pads on his chin and on under his eye, he had over ten on his head attached with paste and tape and another 4 more on his chest. Two more on his legs and then two straps going around his body. Oh and one of the tip of his finger. After she hooked him up he layed down and went to sleep without any problems. It wasn't until the sleep test lady came in to hook up the nose detector that he woke up and started freaking out. He was in and out the first half of the night until he passed out for the last half. It was an exhausting adventurous night and we are glad it's over. As the sleep institute lady said, "If we never have to do that again it will be too soon."

Still an IT

After much anticipation from me and everyone else we still don't know what the baby is and will most likely now have to wait the old fashioned way. I'm actually quite irritated with this because I'm impatient and if it is a girl, which I don't think it it, I want to indulge in some clothes. I guess this is a test of my patience which I surely need. All in all everything looks good. The doctor said I am measuring perfect so I anticipate the baby a couple of days before February 27th if history repeats its self. We shall see. I am still in second trimester bliss and soaking up every minute the wretched uncomfortable months are right around the corner. Some friends have said they never even had second trimester bliss so I'm thanking my lucky stars for this wonderful time I have in all my pregnancies. It surely makes the whole process easier. I am feeling the baby move now and love knowing it's there and well. We should be closing on our house in two to three weeks. Pray it will only be two weeks for every one is anxious.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hopeful New House!!!

This morning I got a phone call it's official the owner signed the papers and the house is under contract. We got it unless something unexpected happens. Hopefully all will go well and we will be the new proud owners of this beautiful new home. We got the dinning room table in the deal and are working on maybe the couches too. They just fit the house so well. It needs some landscaping but that's to be expected with a new house. The basement in partially finished which is where the extra living room is and there are two big mud rooms. Travis and I are both very excited and anxious, but nothing is done until closing so we are holding our breath for now.