Thursday, December 3, 2009

The New House

You've begged, you've prodded finally here it is our new house. We are enjoyign it greatly and no it is not as big as it looks. It actually is smaller than our cape, the cape just hides it better and there is no garage, which although we know it's a garage and not part of the living space I still it's decieving to the eye. It's a great little spot just five minutes from the city. It's nice for a change to live in the city again. They both have there pros and cons, so right now I'm focusing on the pros for here wich is quick shopping access, 7 minutes to the grocery store, 5 minutes to a Khols or Lowes or you name it, oh and one of the best parts we are close to our church building too. This is a first in 3 years.
My favorite part of this house is the kitchen. We upgraded a few things knowing it would have to sell in approximatly five years. Realtors say kitchens and bathrooms sell a house so we upgraded cabinets, faucet, appliances, and our faucet. I will enjoy it while I have, this is my most favorite kitchen I have had yet.
When we looked at the model it was considerably smaller, and laundry was in the bathroom in the room behind the oven. So we had them move the laundry in the basement, which I prefer and bump the wall back, giving us and extra 4 feet of counter and cabinet space. Best decision we made with this house.
Hayden and Coy's room. The boys had no problems adjusting to there smaller beds and room. We did not hear one peep of complaint. It's like they didn't even notice. I was a little nervous we would have a fight so I am so grateful it's a perfect fit. All the rooms basically look like this except ours if bigger of course. It's a three bedroom with room to finish another space in the attic if wanted. Another thing I love about this house is the walk up attic. It's so nice for storage.The space we had them finish off downstairs is such a sanity saver. Ever since we had the extra living space in the other house we decided it a luxury we will not live without as long as we are blessed to do so.
Here is the dining room. Nothing special now. Our nice table is still at the other house and I'm going really slow putting pictures up because I want it to be just right. Grady is all over our table with the chairs up so they are constantly down. Unfortunately he has figured out how to climb on the table even with the chairs down, but at least he is not on my counter tops, which he also did. He is a problem solving monkey.
Our upstairs living room, AKA my sanctuary. I love love love this room.