Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moved In.

Well we finally made it into our new house. I was a complete nightmare and we are glad it's over and so happy to be in our own home again. We are still settling in with little organization project, but all the big stuff is in it's place. There are pictures of our new house on an old post called Hopeful New House in the October section. Sorry for the delayed update it took the phone company over a week to set us up with phone and Internet. I sent out an email with all of our contact information, if you didn't get one and would like out contact information please let me know.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Opportunity Knocks

Last Sunday Travis was extended a calling that he accepted and this week was the first week the responsibilities started. We are so excited for this opportunity and feel it will only bring more great blessings into our lives. He was called as the Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency. His blessing was so strong and wonderful. We now know for sure we were led to where we are today and we are on the right track in the Lords plan for us. I am so proud to have a husband like Travis. He continues to light up every room he walks in and continues making people fall in love with him where ever he goes just by being himself. May we all be so fortunate to have someone like Travis in our lives, but I feel especially fortunate to have him as my husband. We love you Travis.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Despite what I told every one we did not close on our house yesterday. We were suppose to be moving today but yesterday about and hour and a half before we were suppose to sign we got a phone call saying it was not going to happen because no one ordered the survey of the land. The communication between our processor and our lawyer is awful to the point that I'm doubtful they'll even make the the new date set, which is the 7th. Everyone cross your fingers because we all really need our space back. Although I am grateful for my parents generosity, we have all had it. So here's to the 7th and finally having our own house again.

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! My little Dalmatian and Dinosaur were so excited to go out. Between the church trunk or treat a couple of days earlier and actual trick or treating they got a slew of candy. We went the old fashioned way. I'm a sucker for tradition I feel it's so important for my kids to experience walking in the dark, seeing all the other kids on the street, and knocking on every door lit. Both of the boys held my hand tightly the whole time and listened very well, so what could have been a nightmare turned out to be a very pleasant night. And on top of it all I don't think I have ever had such a beautiful night to trick or treat in. Hayden actual was starting to sweat by the time we got home. The best part was when Daddy drove by on one of our last houses and hurried home. Next thing we know we see him walking towards us so he could meet us for out last stop. This is the first Halloween Travis was able to see the kids. In the past I have had to stop at his store on some other Halloween party night so he could see the kids in their costumes but this year he got to enjoy seeing the kids actually trick or treating even if it was for only one house. We had a great Halloween and are looking forward to many more great ones like this.