Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We has such great Christmas. Hayden was so excited he checked the window every five minutes on Christmas Eve to see if he could see Rudolf's nose. Unfortunately Santa wasn't in our area before he had to go to bed. They went to bed even better than normal, and our kids go to bed good.
They woke up and came to get us, then opened up their stockings. Then we went downstairs to our tree to see what Santa brought us. We don't put any presents under the tree until Christmas. It's just too much temptation. I'm pretty sure Hayden would leave them alone, because he understands what a surprise is now. Coy, I'm not so sure about and Grady I know would get into them. So our kids don't even see what Mom and Dad got them until Christmas morning.
Hayden got some golf clubs, transformers, transformers blanket, some spiderman stuff and more. Coy got Geo Air, spiderman blanket, transformers, more spiderman stuff, and more.
Travis got some new scriptures, some shampoo & conditioner that smell like one he brought home from a hotel and a movie. I got a book, some CD's a yoga mat, and wii fit from Santa. Santa brought the whole family wii and some games which we are currently enjoying. The kids made this Christmas especially fun this year. We are so grateful for everything we have our family and savior most of all. Thank you to all friends and family for you love and thoughtfulness. We love you all. Merry Christmas.Posted by Picasa

10 Month old Grady

10 Months old yesterday. Hard to believe I know but in just 2 months Grady will have his first birthday. New things this last month. He started biting clothes, which means he sometimes goes through to skin and it hurts, a lot. Something we are working on. He got his first hair cut and has started walking along furniture. He has given me two nights without interruption. The start to some good sleeping times for me again. He had a double ear infection and a sinus infection all at the same time and consequently got his first dose of antibiotics. Not bad considering he almost a year old. He eats anything and everything and is actually quite a pig. He keeps us laughing all the time and is into everything. He loves the toilet paper, so now it sits on the back of out toilets instead of on the holder. He is quite observant and extremely smart. We can see the wheels turning always. Our lives wouldn't be the same without him. We all love out Grady Baby so much.
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Gingerbread Houses

Ideally we like to do the the gingerbread houses at the beginning of December, but having a baby this year has proved to be a challenge with the holidays. So gingerbread houses happened just last Sunday. I think they came out pretty darn cute.
Thanks to my girlfriend Abby, thanks Abby, we cut out little shaped windows with her mini cookie cutters. The boys had a fun time picking out whether they wanted a heart, square ext. shaped window.
We also had better candy this year. I'm still learning, but they are better this year than last. Coy I think ate more than he put on his house.
Posted by PicasaTravis decided not to do a house. He would rather just help the kids and enjoy them doing theirs then focusing on his. I helped the kids and then did mine after. What can I say it looks like fun to me and I was right. I love our little gingerbread village I leave it up for a few months so we can enjoy them for a while.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Hair Cut

I just couldn't take it any more. The little newborn fly aways. The bangs soooo long. Thank goodness Travis doesn't get attached to these things and could care less about how I do the kids hair, because when I said it's time for Grady to have his first hair cut he just shrugged his shoulders and said ok.
Grady did remarkably well. The clippers didn't bother him at all. He did start to protest toward the end of the hair cut. Although I think this was due to the patience of a 9 months old.
I pushed him a little past his limits, hence the not so happy after shot, but we had to get the strays. Needless to say he is as handsome as ever. No regrets.
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Hayden Turns 5

First come the party games. We played Blues Clues to find out what gave we were going to play next. So there was a clue of a light, the color red, and the color green. This moved us into, what you probably guessed already, red light green light. The kids has a blast playing with the balloons and running around.
Next came the cake and ice cream. Chocolate Deceptacon cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream. I think Hayden takes after me when it comes to chocolate. Poor guy it's like a drug.
Posted by PicasaThen came the presents Hayden loved all of his gifts. One of his favorite birthdays to date as fare as getting his presents right. His favorites are the Dinosaur that walks and roars, the bubble machine that blows a thousand bubbles a minute, no exaggeration, and his Transformers. I can't believe my baby is 5 years old. Next year we enter the school experiences. Thank you to everyone for making Hayden's birthday a success this year. Happy Birthday Hayden, we love you.

Pretty Snow

Grady was mesmerized by one of our first snow storms. It was so cute to watch him try to touch the snow as it was falling. He sat and watched for probably a good ten minutes.
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