Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Hair Cut

I just couldn't take it any more. The little newborn fly aways. The bangs soooo long. Thank goodness Travis doesn't get attached to these things and could care less about how I do the kids hair, because when I said it's time for Grady to have his first hair cut he just shrugged his shoulders and said ok.
Grady did remarkably well. The clippers didn't bother him at all. He did start to protest toward the end of the hair cut. Although I think this was due to the patience of a 9 months old.
I pushed him a little past his limits, hence the not so happy after shot, but we had to get the strays. Needless to say he is as handsome as ever. No regrets.
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Shannie B said...

It looks like Grady really likes having his haircut - smiles all around with him! Can't believe Hayden is 5 already - wow! Three kids under age 5 and you are still sane - you are amazing!

Megan and Sean said...

Love the new hair cut, Grady. I just got my third buzz on Saturday. Everyone at church yesterday wouldn't stop talking about my "first" haircut. Jeez, people pay attention. -Your best buddy Trew.

Megan and Sean said...

Oh, I finally can see all those pic's! Yea!