Friday, July 20, 2012

Grady's Time Out

After so many chances at my Mom's house I was forced to give Grady a time out in the car where he couldn't move, buckled in his seat. We went to go get him and this is what I found. He was so determined to get out he unbuckled his seat from the car and threw himself seat and all on the floor. Since he was smiling I knew he wasn't hurt so I couldn't help but laugh.

Visiting Megan

I went to see Megan in July for four days. The kids love getting together. We played at the pool for a long time on day 2, and day 3 we went shopping, shopping, shopping. I love shopping up there, because there is nothing where I live.

8 Months Old

 This month we have hit a lot of land marks. Looking back I'm noticing she actually rolled over completely on her own at 7 months on June 12th to be exact. But she is a professional now. She also has just started to say Mamamama's and Babababa's. I love listening to her babble. She dances a little too but won't do it for me everytime I try to get it on camera. Only 4 months till her birthday ughhhh. So big, so big, so big.

Ultimate Grady

 This says it all about this boy. He is rough and crazy and cute as a button.

Jam Celery

I was making some peanut butter stuffed celery and Grady asked for one with jam. Why not. He liked it at first but later came back and said he didn't. Oh well at least he won't bug me and ask for it all the time. He discovered for himself, it's gross.

Golf Lessons

The boys annual gold lessons. They let Coy sneak in this year early since his birthday is only 2 months away. They loved it, which makes me happy that we might have a couple of cute little golfers here to accompany Daddy down the road.

Grandma Sue's Visit

Grandma Sue paid us a visit and it was so fun. When we came home from Church on Sunday she had everything ready for us to have a birthday dinner for Travis and ice cream. It was like it was my birthday too. She played with the kids, I didn't have to cook, another woman in the house to talk to. Heaven.
The next day it was raining so we took the kids to see a movie and then my mom watched the kids while we went to dinner with just adults, not even Harper. We had such great conversation and food and such an over all pleasant visit. My only complaint is that it ended too soon.
And of course Coy with his Flat Stanley home work again.

Harper's First Pedi

 Megan came to visit the week school got out and we were just hanging out painting our nails. I decided it was time to try it on Harper.
She was awake in her bumbo like this the whole time. She was just chillin letting me paint her nails. So cute.

Tent Camping

Two years ago I took the boys camping at Camp Joseph in Vermont, where we slept in a cabin, and ever since then they have been begging to go real camping (sleeping in a tent). This year was the year. I introduced Travis and the boys to my childhood favorite campsite in Maine. The day time was lots of fun. The boys went fishing and I relaxed with Harper.
The night time was a nightmare. Harper didn't sleep at all. I ended up laying down in the back of my van with her on my chest the whole night. Travis didn't fair much better in the tent. So we payed for two nights but left late the second night for our nice comfortable beds. I took this picture of Coy because he needs it for his school journal, but totally forgot to take any other pictures. Oh well the memories will have to live in my head.

Haper 7 Months Old

 Same girl we love and adore just one month bigger.
We can't imagine life without her, it's like she has always been here. The joy she brings in our home is immeasurable. We sure love you baby girl.


Hayden's 1/2 Birthday

 So Hayden's Birthday is in December and he has always wanted to have a summer party so we offered him his 1/2 birthday.
 I found this great game in Family Fun. Tissue boxes, practice golf balls, and kids equals tons of fun.
 You just take and exacto knife and cut slits in the side of the box so they can tie around their waiste. I put a big bucket of ball in the middle of a field, hand them stand in a circle, counted down and said go. They all raced to get balls and try to get them into each others boxes.
 Next we played a couple games of bingo. Since my boy is Gluten Free we didn't do cake but ice cream Sundays. What a hit, the kids loved it way more than cake, definitely doing that again if requested.

 Hayden is saving up for an ipod touch, because I refuse to buy him one, so mostly for his birthday he got money. He had $100 save now. I'm excited for him. He also got some fun toys from friends.

 It was really the perfect party. I hope he opts for this again, because come December I told him he gets a hug, a kiss, and a Happy Birthday I love you wish. Crossing my fingers he is old enough to understand.

Cadillac Mountain

 Travis's cousin contacted us mid May to see if she could stay with us for a couple of night during her road through New England. We haven't seen her in years so we were so so excited.
 One of the things she wanted to do was a hike in Acadia National Park. After looking some hikes up for something we could reasonably do in a day with a baby we decided on Cadillac Mountain.
 Harper did really well at first, but then she started getting fussy.

 This is just half way.

 She was exhausted.

 There was a whole patch of Lady Slippers close to the top. They are endangered so it is illegal to pick them.
 I've hiked a fair amount in my life and this is by far the most beautiful scenery I have seen yet.
 The mix with the ocean and the mountains together was just breath taking.

 She was so happy to get out of that pack and have a break. Poor girl screamed almost the whole way down.
 It was so much fun to talk to Melinda and hang out for the whole day. I really truly enjoyed the whole time and hope to see her again soon.


Coy finally lost his front tooth just a couple weeks before school ended. The other one came out just a week later. He looks so cute with his two front teeth missing.

Armor of God

 The Elders came over for dinner and their lesson was such a great idea.
 They read the scriptures that went with the Armor of God and asked the kids questions.
 All along the kids had to find item in the house that would represent the different pieces of Armor.
 Here they are my handsome little men all decked out in Celestial Armor.

Blue & Gold Mishap

 I'm in charge of the Cub Scouts in our ward. While I was decorating the Primary room for the big Blue & Gold, and Trav was keeping the kids out of my hair. Well the next thing I know I hear Grady screaming down the hall. Well my kids cry like they have been stabbed for little scratches so I didn't think anything of it.
I started walking down the hall to comfort for the few seconds it would take and he would go back and play and I could go back and decorate. That was not what happened, I started walking down the hallway saw Grady's face and had to h old in my gasp so he wouldn't freak out. Poor kid, this actually looks better than it was. Apparently Grady and the boys thought it would be a good idea to play tag, in the gym, ... in the dark! Grady ran full force right smack into a chair. His official first shiner.