Friday, September 28, 2007

Dinosaur Costume

Look at what I did. I can't believe it and am so excited and proud. Thanks to Grandma Sue my kids have been spoiled with nice heavy duty warm home made costumes or an expensive one that was bought at the Disney store. Both absolutely adorable and unbeatable unless you want to spend 30 to 40 dollars which I am not willing to do. So I decided to undertake making one. It was a challenge and there was a lot of stitch ripping but I have to say I am very pleased with myself and Hayden is beside himself with excitement. I still have to put some hook and eyes on it but this will work for Hayden this year and next. Money well spent considering it only cost me about 17 or 18 dollars. This still seemed like a lot to me until I looked at the cheesy store bought costumes for 15 to 20 now I feel it was well worth the time and money. I figure I can get two years for each kid. That's six years use out of one costume. I would say definitely money well spent.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Update

It's official I have a pregnancy belly. The maternity clothes have come out and are still a little big but way more comfortable than my normal clothes. So far everything looks good. We should find out what we are having on the fifteenth, if the baby cooperates. I'm having a pretty easy time of it now. Chocolate is not something I want or taste good to me and I crave little sugar period so, so far this is probably my healthiest pregnancy because with the boys I could make a meal out of Twix's. I can't sleep on my stomach any more, but it's not too uncomfortable yet. I haven't felt the baby yet but am expecting it in a week or two and looking forward to it. We are really excited for this baby, but are taking everything in stride.

Buying or Renting

We have looked at house after house it's exhausting and I'm hating something I used to think was fun. I am also looking at rents. Everyone please pray that one of the two houses we are interested in buying will go through, because the rents are practically uninhabitable. The houses that we are looking at are absolutely gorgeous. I'm trying not to get too excited, they have maple hard wood floors, gorgeous tile, stainless steel appliances, and a great log home siding. We are putting and offer on our favorite tomorrow and trying for that one first. Well it's actually my favorite. Travis likes the other one better but the location and lot of my favorite we both agree is better and that's more important to Travis than the house so I get first dibs. If we can't decide on a price with that one we will try Travis's favorite which I also like just not as much and mine. I'm crossing my fingers, either would be a blessing so I'm hoping and praying.

Chicken Pot Pie

For those of you who know Hayden this is a miracle. HE TRIED SOMETHING NEW!!!! Grandma Ree Ree's chicken pot pie did the trick he tried it and actually liked it because we got him to eat ten bites. Of course with a little motivation, I'm sure the promise of Halloween cookies didn't have anything to do with it. I don't care if I had to bribe him with a whole chocolate cake anything to get that child out of his five rotating foods. He did so well and was so proud of himself he had to call Daddy to make sure he told him before he went to bed. It was a happy day.

Family Gathering

My sister came to visit for the weekend and the whole immediate family got together plus our favorite Aunt and second cousins. We had a good time socializing and catching up and chowing on hot dogs and burgers. Nicole seems to be doing well and brought her boyfriend Lonnie, whom every liked. Jared also brought his girlfriend Barbara, the more the merrier and we just found out Barbara is expecting. We are all so happy for them and excited to have another niece or nephew. Barbara also has another little boy who fits right in with the other kids and we love already. It was a happy time and doesn't happen often so we cherished it greatly.

Moments of Peace

As I grow older and my life become more full with responsibilities and beloved children, moments of peace are more and more appreciated. Never before did I realize how wonderful riding in my car alone without the radio on would be, or showering without being rushed. How about just sitting and relaxing in the morning in silence or with a great article or book. All of these things I took for granted in the past. They are cherished little moments of peace, but above all my most cherished moments of peace are ones like in this picture. My boys comfortable, happy, quiet, not fighting, and there for me to spy on and enjoy the moment, even if it does only last a few seconds.

Snuggling Papa Ree Ree

I don't know why, but certain people kids just go to. My brother Chip and my dad are two of those people. They don't go out of their way to play with them, smother them, or treat them in any special way compared to others. There is just something about them that kids love and gravitate to. Coy out of now where will climb on my dads lap and hug him or lay his head on his shoulder. It's really cute and my mom doesn't get it because Coy never does it to her. My dad is just one of those people who's aura attracts kids, which shows what an exceptional person he really is. He is a big teddy bear and although he never says it, he loves every minute of it. Kids give a special love that can only be exerted from a child and may we all be so fortunate to receive so much of it.

Hayden's Tower

One of the life savers since we have been at my parents is a small bucket of blocks Travis's brother got the boys a few years ago. They both love them and fight over them. Hayden loves to build and Coy loves to destroy what Hayden builds. In all fairness they both do their fair share of building and destroying. Hayden finally built a tall tower before Coy pushed it over and I ran for the camera. Hayden was so proud. He is so cute he builds Chickens and Giraffes with the blocks all the time from memory. He is one smart cookie, we are so lucky to have two great good boys.