Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Sister Love

 Turn around and this is what I find. Nothing makes your heart smile bigger than this.
Click here to see video of this.

 Of course Grady wanted to give her some love after watching Coy. So cute.

Birthday Party

 Grady got invited to his little friends birthday and I just couldn't pass up taking his picture.
 Such a cute idea, every kid had their own canvas, brushes, apron and array of paint colors.
We will hang his master piece in his room. He's already an accomlished abtract artist.

Little Cuties

 Just couldn't pass up this photo opp.
 Grady loves his little sister so much. Still has to give her hugs and kisses all the time.
 Little Handsom Fella.

3 Month Old Harper

 February 9th Harper was officially 3 months old. I can't believe it. She has two little rolls on her legs and an appointment for her first pictures to be taken by our fabulous photographer. She gives us big smiles all the time now and so easily. We got a couple of almost laughs and her cheeks are fille out and oh so kissable.
Click here to see video.
She is just starting to be able to put herself to sleep which as been a challenge for her and once in a blue moon will give me two normal naps in the day instead of none or a massive power nap. She does not like loud noises or contention, they make her cry. So sad because the boys get really rowdy sometimes. She is starting to get really fun. We just love her so much.

Pinewood Derby

Hayden's first Pinewood Derby. He came in dead last even though we spent a ton of time on his car, put weights in it and everything. I was still so proud of him, he didn't even care that he lost. He said even though I came in last this was still so much fun, I had the best time. I told him how great he was behaving and how proud I was of him. Such a good boy. The event was a hit and since I was in charch I was especially happy. We have such a great group of boys.

Cambryn and Harper

Cambryn is the baby girl that helped me get through wanting my own baby girl. I adore her and think she is so adorable. Unfortunately Harper disagrees, we'll try again later, she wasn't in the mood for pictures this day.

Fun Fur

 My mom makes great winter hats and so I asked her to make my a fun fur one for Harper.
 Too Cute!

2 Months Old Harper

 January 9th Harper turned 2 months. She is only waking up 1 or 2 times a night and had a hard time napping. If I can get your out she will stay out for hours. I call it her power naps. She is a happy girl and has started cooing. She talks all the time and I love the sound of her voice. She is so precious, her eyes are turning blue, but sometimes grey. We are waiting to see for sure but it looks like they will be the same as Daddy's. Click here to see video.
She tracks things, especially her mama all the time, she generally likes to sit up and is still the worlds best spitter. The boys love her to pieces as do her Mom and Dad.


A little before Harper was 2 months we caught some smiles on camera. Her first official smile was as about 3 weeks. I have never seen a baby respond like her at such a young age, but I can assure you it was not gas because she did it over and over. little princess.

Christmas Harper

Harper's Christmas dress, courtesy of Grandma Reeree. Such a beauty, sooooo smitten.

Christmas Morning

This Christmas was a little tricky being on Sunday. We were just going to open  stocking but ended up doing the whole tree before we left. The kids did so good with leaving all their new stuff and it worked out really nicely.
 The kids were so happy with their gifts this year. Coy's big gift was a remote control car, Grady's was a Lego set, and Hayden's was a Kynex roller coaster. Daddy got lots of clothes and Mommy got Rosetta Stone Spanish.
 They are such good little boys and Harper slept through the whole thing which was perfect because then I really got to enjoy my boys on Christmas morning.
 Each of the boys got cotton candy, pokemon cards, and bey blades.
 Church was nice too. I liked going and feeling the spirit and feeling like we were really celebrating Christ's birthday.

 This may be one of my favorite Christmas's yet. I am so grateful for my family. They are my world, I love them so much. I am one lucky lady.