Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

This year we got invited to a Halloween party where they were doing pumpkin carving. So we brought out pumpkins and went the easy route. The kids drew on their faces and were able to carve their own pumpkins almost all by themselves.

The got such a kick out of seeing their own creations come to life.

Grady wanted four eyes.

The crazy thing is I have made such a big deal out of this in the past years with the fancy designs and ended up taking 2 hours when the kids were done finishing them all, and they were way more happy with their pumpkins this year.

It's just like me to try to be a perfectionist or over complicate things. Looks like we are going simple from here on out. Every one was happier and their pumpkins came out so cute.


Here is Hayden trying to get the ball. Last year Hayden hated soccer, but he had not been diagnosed with Celiac then and had no energy. The poor kid couldn't even make it through a whole practice. I explained to him that I wanted him to try it again this year because now that his body is healthy he might like it.

We got lots of grumbles and complaints. Finally I said "Hayden I want you to give it a good try, last year doesn't count, you give it a good effort every practice with a good attitude this season and you still don't like it I won't make you do it again. If you complain and don't give it a good try I'm going to make you do it again next year and the year after that and the year after that until I feel like you have actually tried it."

I don't expect my kids to be super athletes, I just want them to give new things a good chance before they make their judgment. He tried his little heart out the first practice and said he still didn't like it. I said that's fine, you give me that kind of effort all season and you still feel that way when it's done you won't have to do it next year.

After three practices he loved it and actually decided to take on additional soccer class after school once a week for four weeks.

Coy on the other hand couldn't wait for soccer to start. He absolutely loves it.

He is in his element, always happy out there, always can't wait for the next weekend so he can do it all over again.

He is pretty darn good too, if I do say so myself. He is agressive and starting to get the idea of not bunching around the ball.

There is no convincing this boy to try new things, if anything I'm going to have to slow him down a little. He only has so much time in a day.

Coy and his Puppy Dog

I'm not sure which one of our boys loves Chase the most, but I do know he is most definitely loved. He may drive me nuts sometimes but I don't regret him for one second. Coy loves snuggling his Chasey boo.

Hayden's Field Trip to the Fair

The second grade class had a field trip to the fair where they had to do different educational stations and got to see what they wanted in their free time. Here is Hayden checking out the horses.

This was one of his favorite parts. Riding in a wagon pulled by horses.

The fire safety station. They actually had a little mini trailer home filled with fake smoke for the kids to crawl through.

Farmers market stand. Hayden tried purple carrot, which taste just like regular carrots. We learned quite a bit about how to harvest beans, and make them into seeds. You just leave them in the pod and stop watering them. When they are all dried up and brown you can pick the pods and keep the beans in a cool dry place for next year.

Checking out the baby pigs. It was a fun little trip he had a real good time.

September Apple Picking

Maine apples are one of my favorite things to look forward too with the fall. They are the best crisp, juicy, delicious apples I have ever had. It's become a tradition to go to a little local orchard every fall.

I love this orchard it's the perfect size that I can let my boys wander and pick what they want without worrying about loosing them. I just let them go at it and pick whatever, wherever they want.

They fill up their bags, we pay, and we eat. Yummmmmm!

When I have time I replenish our home made apple sauce for the year. This year I canned some sweetened applesauce too. Grady and Hayden don't really care for the straight unsweetened sauce.

Well see if they like it a little sweetened. I love this tradition and plan on keeping for many years to come.

First Day of School

This year I was not emotional, which was a nice switch. We had a big 2nd grader and a big 1st grader. No kindergardeners! That is always the hardest.

They were so excited and loved the first day of school. They are so smart and excelling in everything. We are so proud of our boys.

I guess Grady was a little sad to see his brothers go, but when Travis played a joke on him and told him he was going with Coy's teacher from last year, whom he loved and we hope to get when he really goes, he freaked out. Guess he is not ready at 3, no wonder.

Visiting Megan Again

During the school year it's so hard for me and Megan to get together at all, that during the summer we try to get as many visits in a possible. This was our last visit for the summer. We went on this really cool walk they have next to their house. All of our kids get along so well which is a miracle since there is seven between us and we just have such a good time when we get together, even if we are doing nothing. It's only been two months but I miss her already.

The Boys First Boat Ride

It sounds crazy but the opportunity has just never presented it's self and we don't own a boat, so the boys had never been on a boat before. Needless to say, they looooooooooved it. Our friend Brian invited us down to his house for the weekend.

We had such a good time, as you can see he let each of the boys have a turn driving. We stopped in some shallow places and went swimming where you can touch and we stopped in some deep places and swam around the boat a couple of times.

I was so proud of my boys, they got out in the deep water, which is a little eerie I agree but pretended it was no big deal, and swam.

After the boat ride we went back to Brian's ate and relaxed and had a fire with marshmallows. The kids watched a movie and the fire. Grady was our little helper with the fire wood. They got to stay up till like 10, which is unheard of with us we are sticklers about our kids getting to bed.

Then we put them to bed in the camper which was another fun adventure all together. Of course slept in there with them but they went down without us with no problem. The adults stayed up for another 2 hours chatting by the fire.

We had so much fun and were so grateful to Brian for the invite. He lives a ways away now and we miss being able to hang out so much. What a great little vacation for our family.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coy's 6th Birthday

Hard to believe my little blue eyed boy is 6 and in 1st grade. He is so smart, at the top of his class, and loved by the entire school faculty. Really teachers come up to me to tell me how much they love him and that they shouldn't play favorites but that well... they just love Coy. Feels so good as a mother to know your boy is so well loved. His birthday was small but fun this year.

We had family and one friend, a pinata, and a special cool candle from China that sings the Happy Birthday song and was still singing it in our garbage 3 days later.

Hayden getting his Flat Stanley shot in for his homework. Coy will have to do this same thing next summer.

Grandma Ree Ree and Papa got Coy a Razor for his birthday. He loves it and is still one of his favorite things to play with.

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bill got him some fun Crayola clay and we, of course, got him a Wii game.

Happy Birthday Coy we all love you and are so happy to have you in our lives to watch you grow and progress.