Sunday, October 30, 2011

September Apple Picking

Maine apples are one of my favorite things to look forward too with the fall. They are the best crisp, juicy, delicious apples I have ever had. It's become a tradition to go to a little local orchard every fall.

I love this orchard it's the perfect size that I can let my boys wander and pick what they want without worrying about loosing them. I just let them go at it and pick whatever, wherever they want.

They fill up their bags, we pay, and we eat. Yummmmmm!

When I have time I replenish our home made apple sauce for the year. This year I canned some sweetened applesauce too. Grady and Hayden don't really care for the straight unsweetened sauce.

Well see if they like it a little sweetened. I love this tradition and plan on keeping for many years to come.

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