Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

This year we got invited to a Halloween party where they were doing pumpkin carving. So we brought out pumpkins and went the easy route. The kids drew on their faces and were able to carve their own pumpkins almost all by themselves.

The got such a kick out of seeing their own creations come to life.

Grady wanted four eyes.

The crazy thing is I have made such a big deal out of this in the past years with the fancy designs and ended up taking 2 hours when the kids were done finishing them all, and they were way more happy with their pumpkins this year.

It's just like me to try to be a perfectionist or over complicate things. Looks like we are going simple from here on out. Every one was happier and their pumpkins came out so cute.

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Our EyreLife said...

Keep the posts coming! I keep trying to find pictures of you and your're good at hiding it!

I dreamt about you all last night...that I flew out and surprised you after you had Harper to take pictures of her...but I totally forgot my camera. I was SO mad. But you had grown your hair out long and your house looked exactly like my parents' house (remember when you came over that one day long ago and we played ping pong?) and I was amazed.

Harper looked just like Grady.....and you're in my thoughts and prayers until I hear that she's come! Love you tons!