Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Boys First Boat Ride

It sounds crazy but the opportunity has just never presented it's self and we don't own a boat, so the boys had never been on a boat before. Needless to say, they looooooooooved it. Our friend Brian invited us down to his house for the weekend.

We had such a good time, as you can see he let each of the boys have a turn driving. We stopped in some shallow places and went swimming where you can touch and we stopped in some deep places and swam around the boat a couple of times.

I was so proud of my boys, they got out in the deep water, which is a little eerie I agree but pretended it was no big deal, and swam.

After the boat ride we went back to Brian's ate and relaxed and had a fire with marshmallows. The kids watched a movie and the fire. Grady was our little helper with the fire wood. They got to stay up till like 10, which is unheard of with us we are sticklers about our kids getting to bed.

Then we put them to bed in the camper which was another fun adventure all together. Of course slept in there with them but they went down without us with no problem. The adults stayed up for another 2 hours chatting by the fire.

We had so much fun and were so grateful to Brian for the invite. He lives a ways away now and we miss being able to hang out so much. What a great little vacation for our family.

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