Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Coy!

Coy's birthday this year was a Yoshi/Mario theme, more on Yoshi though. We had such a good time and he got lots of great stuff. Thanks everyone.
This is a cool little toy that you put water balloons in and then pass it around and when the timer goes it pops the balloon on the person with the ball.
It's becoming a tradition that the big and only gift from mom and dad is a new wii game. This year Coy wanted Super Mario Bros.
With Hayden and Coy it's almost like they get two birthdays each year because they share everything. Hayden was just as excited for Coy's birthday as Coy was.
Surprisingly Coy was very subdued during present time. Not at all like my Coy.
He had been counting down for two weeks and so riled up I think his body was just starting to crash. Regardless he loved his birthday and still shows the best smile when I ask him about it.
Make a wish.
Picking up the pinata candy.
He is just so cute I couldn't resist. He is one of Coy's little friends little brother.
So my home made pinata this year came out way better than last year. I even figured out the string so I would have something to hold it up with.
Unfortunately it snapped, note to self use better string next time so friend won't have to jeopardize her fingers while holding the pinata. Thanks Amy.

Anxiously awaiting CANDY!

My little bug enjoying the party and the picnic cloth I set out.
T.T. and Coy.

Pin the tail on the Yoshi.
Hayden actually won this and was so excited. One of his friends said I know Hayden didn't cheat because that's just not Hayden.
I couldn't have been a prouder mama.
I also made a Yoshi bingo game. It had all different Mario characters on it and when they got bingo they had to yell Yoshio.
An official close up of the cake. I can't believe Coy is five and in school this year. All my boys are getting so big and I love them so much.


While I was making lunch Grady fell asleep like this between my fridge and island. He was at first just playing then he stopped responding so I took a peak and he was fast asleep. He stayed out during the transfer to bed, I guess he was pooped.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Hike

I finally fealt like the kids were old enough to try their first hike. It was just a little one but big enough for them and for the view to be beautiful.
Some of our friends that went with us.

Grady did really well. I only had to carry him a little. If you consider the hike I carried Grady up when he was 5 months old this is his second hike, but my friend Amy says that doesn't count.

Amy and Carol.

Enjoying our snacks. We really had a fun time and will for sure explore some more next year or maybe even one more this year before it gets too cold.

Friday, August 20, 2010


If there is one word to describe Montreal it would be ARCHITECTURE!
The city is so beautiful and clean and the buildings are amazing everywhere.

I went all by myself, yes I said all by myself, no kids, no husband to visit my sister who was there temporarily for work.
This cast iron patio is classic Montreal, they are all well kept like this with great designs. All the stairs are ornate cast iron too. I was very impressed at the quality put into just the simplest detail.
This street was so cool because it's house after house literally right next to each other but they are all different colors.

A continuation of the previous street.

This was a very simple stair case they actually got a lot more beautiful.

This just made me crack up. Speed limit sign for bikers and runners. Hmmm if you can run that fast, well that's just crazy.

This was at the top of a mountain and there were stairs in a park taking you the whole way up.
It was crazy to look up the side of this small mountain and see a path of beautiful stairs taking you the whole way up.
The view of the city was gorgeous up there.

If you look closely you can see the railings of the stairs way up in the trees.
We had such a good time walking the city, shopping, and just relaxing in the afternoon reading our books with no children.
I had the best hot chocolate I have ever had there hmmm I could totally have one right now
I definitely would go back and can't thank my friends Amy and Tish for watching my kids while I was gone. It was a much needed refresher.