Saturday, March 19, 2011

Puppy Love

Summer i phone moments

Some moments I didn't happen to have my camera with me. Thank goodness for my i phone. This one was at Grandmas and I just thought it was so cute, Hayden reading to his little brothers.
There is a great long paved walking path in my town and at least two or three times a summer we pack up our bikes and scooters and do the whole thing. Well Grady wasn't going to be left out and he road his scooter almost the whole distance one way.
He knocked himself right out.

Christmas Morning

This year I decided to solve the "I'm cold" all the time problem, and made them house coats.
I don't mean to brag but they came out so good and looked so cute. The boys love them and wear them a lot and it has solved the problem. Whenever they get cold they just run upstairs and get their house coats.

Oh and just for kicks I made them matching socks, why not.
It was a fun morning and once again the kids got way too much. Of course they don't think so. I got quite a kick out of the video dance thing that shows them dancing on TV with costumes on.
They also got some great new quiet time church activities. Mom especially likes these. We are so grateful for our little family and all our extended family and friends whom we love so much.

It was especially nice this year to have my parents with us to enjoy the kids.
Some of the favorites were Bey Blades and the Spiderman Game.
Travis spoiled me rotten and got me a nook color, I got him a few things from the Eagles and some old school Spanish Shakira CD's.
Chase got a shiny new tag that has our information on it, but he was crated during the gift opening because he would eat all the paper.

We just had a nice relaxing day, we had our big Christmas dinner on the night before, which I'm sold on and will do from now on. After gifts we had waffles and bacon. I got a Travis a really nice family size classic waffle iron too. He loves waffles but not Belgian.

Merry Christmas! We are truly blessed.