Friday, May 30, 2008

3 Months Old

3 pictures of my beautiful baby for his 3 month birthday! I'm lying, I think he is so cute it took all I could do to post only 3 :)
Hard to believe it's been 3 months already last Sunday. He is only waking up once a night now, ALLELUIA!!! And he is a total ham when he is awake.
He holds great conversation and even gives me a giggle once in a while, if I work hard enough for it. I just can't get enough. The older boys love him too. Now that he responds to them easily they love to talk to him and try to get him to laugh. In fact when he needs a little attention I'll ask one of them to go talk to him so I can finish what I'm doing and they do it happily. He has started teething, chewing his hand and fingers constantly and drooling more than normal. This is right on time for my kids. Another growing Smith boy enhancing our lives.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just like Donkey!

We are potty training Coy so he is naked a lot. I was pleading with him one last time to put his underwear on and he said "Look mommy just like donkey." What? I was confused until I looked a little closer. He repeats himself "Look mommy just like donkey." I burst out laughing as I noticed he had put a dead dandelion in his butt cheeks hanging just like a tail. Yes Coy your right, just like donkey. This kid will sure keep me young as the years go by.


Sundays can easily be the most hectic day of the week, but last Sunday went really well. Hayden asked to hold Grady once again and I just happen to have the camera with me. This will go down as yet another one of my all time favorite pictures of them.

Visiting Megan

Last Wednesday we, all 4 of us, made our way to eastern Maine to visit my girlfriend Megan. We stayed till Saturday and had a good visit. Finally we were able to see each others little munchkins. Trew is too cute, they were cooing to each other and smiling. Very intrigued with seeing another little person their size. Both boys are very good baby's.

We had 7 kids all together. It was craziness at times but well worth it to be able to spend some time with Megan. Since she lives so far away we only see each other 2-3 times a year. Our kids get a long quite well. Coy never stopped harassing Dallin, new blood! Poor kid didn't get a brake between Coy and his little sister Embree, who is a female younger version of Coy. Little Trew looks just like his Daddy.

This quiet moment was one of the very few we had. We relished it.
I thought this was funny because Hayden insists on having his own seat and not ever sharing, and Alanna is a stickler for her personal space and not being touched. Yet this was their seat of choice. I was surprised how well Alanna and Hayden got along. Hopefully our kids will be friends forever. Thanks for having us Megan, it was a nice change of pace. I can't wait to hang out again.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fancy Mommy

For those of you who know me you know that my entire wardrobe is courtesy of my sister Nica. She sends me stuff so often I never have a chance to buy anything, because I'm never in need on anything. I'm not complaining she sends me way nicer stuff than I can afford. She is the queen of the spoiling older sisters. Maybe that's because she suffered with my 3 other brothers, being the only girl, for 8 years before I came along. It's a funny story in our family about how Nica was going to have nothing to do with me if I was a boy because she was fed up. When my mom had me and I came out a girl, my parents made sure she was the first to know she had a new baby sister. My Dad went straight to her school to tell her and she was ecstatic. Included in the package she sent me was a bunch of fun stuff and Hayden was helping me go through it. He was intrigued by all the new shoes she sent in colors pink, brown, khaki, pink, orange, and yellow and insists I wear my new fancy church shoes every Sunday. Nothing cracked me up more than when I was goofing around and put these new, Prada mind you, shades on. I told you she spoils me. Hayden gasped andsaind "oh Mommy you look Fancy". I'll never forget it. Thanks for all the cool stuff Nica, we love and miss you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Oh the irony of life. The first night Grady slept longer than a 4-5 hours stretch I'm more tired than ever, because Coy decided to have a night he didn't want to sleep at all and was up and down the stairs all night long keeping both Travis and I awake. I was so irritated, the one night I would be able to feel refreshed the next day was ruined by one of my older kids who never has problems sleeping at night, not because he was sick, not because he had a nightmare, no it was because he just plain didn't want to sleep. The little turd.


Hayden is doing quite well with T-Ball. I figure I better get my kids involved in sports early in case they get my athletic ability. If they have 10 years experience they might stand a chance.
If they have Travis's athletic ability they will do well. Considering Hayden is only 4 I think he does pretty well. It's funny to see all the little kids running around. They really have no clue about the game just having fun. Hayden actually caught the ball a couple of times during this drill.
He was very proud of himself and it forces me to get them out of the house. Poor Coy wants a turn too, but he is too young. His turn will come soon enough they sure get big fast.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Goodbye Macie

Sad to say that Macie has left us. Wednesday she was let out and would not stay around despite us being outside playing as well and me putting her on a leash and making my first attempt to teach her our property boundaries. As Travis, the kids and I went inside Macie was no where to be found. We thought she was just frolicking in the woods and may have been at the time, but a few hours later she was still not back. I left to go to the dump and unfortunately came across a parked cop car at the end of our road with Macie lying in front of his car. She had been hit by a car and it looked like passed away instantly. Since we didn't have her long we have all been fine, even the boys which I was worried about. I actually have felt a huge load off and it's been a bit of relief. I feel guilty saying that but I think she was putting me over the edge as far as how much of a load I could handle. We are not out of the dog market completely. We just won't even think about getting a dog again until Hayden is old enough to know what to do with the dog so it will respond to him and not me. This will probably be 5-6 years from now and that's fine with me. We are relieved to be dogless again, but are sad at how she went. Macie was a good dog and didn't deserve to leave in such an awful way.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Growing Boy.

Grady had his two month check up and all is well. He weighs 10 pounds and is 22 inches long. Two more pounds and he will have doubled in size. Crazy how fast they grow, he looks so big to me compared to his new born self. I smiles so easy now and I got the small little giggle out of him the other day. Coy was playing with him at church during Sacrament and he was just smiling away. The fun times begin.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Funny Faces.

Recently Hayden has become a little chatter box. Constantly Mommy look at this new move, Mommy can we go to the park so I can do this and that and more of everything, Mommy can we build at tree house, Mommy can we go into space and on and on and on. Sometimes it's hilarious and sometimes it drives me nuts. I have to keep my cool and say Hayden can we stop talking for a little while and have some quiet time. Sometimes I don't keep my cool and it's Hayden could you stop talking. Another one of his things that he could do forever is make funny faces. He of course only makes 2-3 different faces but in his mind they are all different and new. And he asks with each one, Hey Mommy look at this funny face, or look at this new funny face, or is this a way funny face? He is so detail oriented, our Corn Puff cereal isn't just the yellow cereal or the Puff cereal, no, it's the Yellow Cereal that We got at Daddy's store yesterday. He has to call it that every time he references that cereal, the whole thing every time. And that's just one of the many names he has for things that are a mile long.

I was once again trying to capture one of Grady's really big smiles, failed once again, and Hayden wanted his picture taken. I obliged but did not expect this and then we just went with it and came out with two really good ones. Now I'll never forget the never ending funny faces.