Friday, May 9, 2008

Goodbye Macie

Sad to say that Macie has left us. Wednesday she was let out and would not stay around despite us being outside playing as well and me putting her on a leash and making my first attempt to teach her our property boundaries. As Travis, the kids and I went inside Macie was no where to be found. We thought she was just frolicking in the woods and may have been at the time, but a few hours later she was still not back. I left to go to the dump and unfortunately came across a parked cop car at the end of our road with Macie lying in front of his car. She had been hit by a car and it looked like passed away instantly. Since we didn't have her long we have all been fine, even the boys which I was worried about. I actually have felt a huge load off and it's been a bit of relief. I feel guilty saying that but I think she was putting me over the edge as far as how much of a load I could handle. We are not out of the dog market completely. We just won't even think about getting a dog again until Hayden is old enough to know what to do with the dog so it will respond to him and not me. This will probably be 5-6 years from now and that's fine with me. We are relieved to be dogless again, but are sad at how she went. Macie was a good dog and didn't deserve to leave in such an awful way.

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